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    When will the pseudo-sceptics learn?????

    That A.) Bashing people and their beliefs only serve to demonstrate their own lack of social skills and B.) real scepticism is to doubt and question not deny.

    Recently on a message board (not our own) I got into it with a pseudo-sceptic who was bashing people based on their beliefs and their unwillingness to listen to his/her "proof" that spirits do not exist.

    Gee, could it be that when calling people "morons" they may not care to listen to ANYTHING you have to say! Ya think!

    I debated the pseudo-sceptic's arguments until it became circular with he/she using the old CSICOPian tactic of redirect and attack and no one including myself gaining any useful insight into this phenomenon.

    I am not a psychologist so I am not in a position to speculate on why these pseudo-sceptics who never use their real names assume that they can educate via the methods of a common bully or street thug. Perhaps their aim is not to educate, but harass people who share different views than their own. If this is the case than the old internet term for this behaviour "troll" is very apt!

    I feel I did my part in addressing this "troll's" arguments, but have no intention of "feeding" it further on that particular forum. It really is a shame though when good, clean debate is spoiled by one or two pseudo-sceptics who have little understanding of these phenomena and are obviously pushing their own warped agendas that include insulting, demeaning, and harassing strangers on the web.


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    Former owner of Amityville horror house dies in Las Vegas

    Link: http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/nevada/2006/may/10/051010103.html

    Former owner of Amityville horror house dies in Las Vegas

    LAS VEGAS (AP) - George "Lee" Lutz, whose brief stay in an Amityville, N.Y., home spawned one of the most famous haunted house stories ever, has died of natural causes. He was 59.

    Lutz, a Las Vegas resident, died Monday, his lawyer, Larry Zerner of Los Angeles, confirmed Wednesday.

    The Clark County coroner listed Lutz' cause of the death as heart disease.

    Lutz, a former land surveyor, became famous after moving his new bride, Kathy, and three children into a three-story Dutch colonial on Long Island in 1975, about a year after six members of the DeFeo family had been shot and killed in the home. Ronald DeFeo Jr., the eldest son, was convicted of the murders.

    The Lutzes lived in the home for 28 days before being driven out by the spirits of the DeFeos, according to Lutz' account.

    The family's tales of eerie feelings and waking dead became the source for Jay Anson's 1977 book, "The Amityville Horror," along with a 1979 film of the same title and a 2005 movie remake.

    The book and movies chronicled the Lutz family's horrors in suburbia, including visions of walls oozing slime, moving furniture, a visit from a demonic pig named Jodie and spontaneous levitation.

    The franchise made a cult figure out of Lutz, who some claimed bore a creepy resemblance to the killer. But it never made him rich. Lutz claimed to have made only $300,000 off the tale.

    Almost immediately after telling it, Lutz' story was challenged by some who accused him of trying to profit from the DeFeo murders.

    In 1979, shortly before the film's release, William Weber, DeFeo Jr.'s lawyer, told The Associated Press that he, along with Kathy and George Lutz, had invented parts of the best-selling story "over many bottles of wine."

    "We were really playing with each other. We were creating something the public would want to hear about," Weber said, claiming that he supplied the Lutzes with background on the DeFeo murders to weave into their ghost stories.

    Lutz denied the allegations.

    The Amityville tale and the rights to profit from it quickly led to a tangle of litigation involving the Lutzes, Weber, publishers, Anson and others.

    After fleeing the home and abandoning their possessions, the Lutzes moved to San Diego, briefly selling Amway products to make a living. Eventually they moved to Arizona, where the Lutzes divorced. Kathy Lutz, who was active in a Christian ministry, died in 2004 of a respiratory disease.

    Lutz, called "Lee" by his friends, moved to Las Vegas in the late 1980s, said Dan Farrands, a Los Angeles filmmaker who befriended him six years ago while making a documentary about the Amityville murders for the History Channel.

    Farrands said Lutz was active in his Catholic church, volunteered at a homeless shelter and spent his time restoring old cars. Lutz was a lighthearted, Farrands said, until the subject of Amityville came up, "and then he'd turn sort of blank."

    "It was a subject that was very troubling for him," Farrands said, adding that Lutz always believed he had witnessed the supernatural in that home.

    "It was not that everything that had ever been said about that story was true, it had become a piece of Hollywood merchandise, it became larger than life. But, for him, that never took away from the fact that his family was scared away from their home," Farrands said.

    "People are disrespecting a true story," Lutz told People Magazine last year. "It's my family's story, and it's hurtful."

    Lutz is survived by his longtime girlfriend Cindy Stock, of Las Vegas, and his five children: Christopher, Daniel, Melissa, Gabrielle and Noel.

    A private memorial service is planned, Zerner said.


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    PSICAN/ParaResearhcers/GHRS Media List

    Please note this is a partial and incomplete listing only. For reasons of space we cannot make each individual listing. However, we do thank all of those who we have worked with, and contributed to over the years.

    Newspapers, Magazines, and Periodicals

    We have been featured in all National Newspapers

    • The Toronto Sun
    • The Ottawa Sun
    • The Ottawa Citizen
    • The Toronto Star
    • The National Post
    • The Globe & Mail
    • YYZ (regular column)
    • Hockey Digest (Hockey Hall of Fame Story)
    • Canadian Geographic
    • The Kingston Whig Standard (Oldest Continuously Published Newspaper in Canada)
    • Metroland News
    • The Record - Kitchener-Waterloo
    • The Guelph Mercury
    • The Centennial Journal
    • The Windsor Star
    • Toronto Weekly - Lifestyle section
    • UP! Magazine West Jet In-flight Magazine
    • NOW! Magazine
    • The Simcoe Reformer
    • Ottawa Magazine (October edition)
    • The Ryersonian - Ryerson University
    • The Varsity - University of Toronto
    • The Window - University of Toronto
    • Etobicoke Historical Society - Periodical
    • Vancouver Sun
    • Vancouver Province
    • North Shore Outlook
    • Ming Pao (Chinese newspaper)
    • Vancouver Courier
    • Uxbridge Times-Journal
    • London Free Press
    • The Chronicle Journal (Thunder Bay newspaper)
    • The Post (Weekly newspaper)
    • Fall Issue of TBPL (Thunder Bay Public Library)
    • Toronto Observer (Centennial College Journalism)

    Radio Appearances

    • CBC Radio One and Two
    • Radio-Canada
    • CFRB Mind Shift (regular Contributors and Occasional Hosts)
    • CFRB (Regular Programming)
    • 680 News
    • MOJO 640
    • CKTB
    • CHFI - Magazine Radio
    • BCIT 107.9
    • NBC Network Radio
    • CHML
    • Radio Glendon
    • TheRock FM
    • CJAD
    • CINQ
    • Country Canada (CBC Country)
    • Definitely Not the Opera (CBC Radio show)

    Television, Documentary, Film Credits

    • Sci - Fi/NBC Sci -Fi Investigates
    • CBC - Newsworld
    • Global Television
    • City TV (News and Breakfast Television)
    • Space The Imagination Station
    • YTV
    • eTalk
    • Radio-Canada Télévision
    • Goldhawk Live
    • Michael Coren
    • Planète Bleue Télévision - French Language - History of Ghost Research
    • Shadow Hunter with Darryll Walsh
    • Magnificent Obsession
    • Canada AM - CTV Ottawa bureau
    • Creepy Canada (Segment Producers Season One)
    • TVOntario
    • Toronto Tonight - Toronto1
    • Naked Science II - National Geographic Channel
    • Darkstorm Pictures
    • Visionary Independant Films - Student Documentary
    • Port53 Films
    • Easy Film Production - Copenhagen Denmark
    • Breakthrough Films and Television
    • Knight Enterprises
    • Toronto Film School - Student Project
    • BCIT
    • CHUM TV
    • Humber College (film school)
    • The New VR morning show
    • White Noise press junket
    • WCHS TV Huntington, WV
    • Northern Mysteries


    • Various Titles - Ghost House Books - Lone Pine Publishing
    • Tales Of The Paranormal - Kimberly Molto
    • Various Titles (including dedication) John Robert Columbo
    • Encyclopedia Brittanica (entry on Hockey Hall Of Fame Toronto)
    • Canadian Ghost Stories Volume One & Two - Susan Smitten
    • Strange Events of Ontario - Andrew Hind
    • A Glimpse of Heaven: The Remarkable World of Spiritually Transformative Experiences - Dr Carla Wills Brandon
    • Ghost Cats for Lyons Press - Dusty Rainbolt (was released March 2007)

    A separate listing of public speaking engagements is available through Chris Laursen our media consultant. Chris has over thirteen years of direct media experience, and comes to us from the CBC.

    All media inquiries should be sent to media@torontoghosts.org


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