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    The Creepy Looking House Is Not Always The One That Is Haunted

    I snagged this pic of an abandoned house last Fall. I like the look of creepy older buildings, but not because I believe they are good candidates for a haunting. In fact most of our really good reports come from newer condo hotel types of structures.

    Sometimes this leads me to believe that more often than not people are haunted, and not buildings. Just something to think about &#59;)

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    Bancroft Ontario UFO Report

    Bancroft ON February 11th 2007 Approx 2:30am

    "I was sleeping, it was about 2:30 in the morning and I was awoken by this big humming noise. I woke up with my friend and she witnessed the same thing it looked white and it looked like a ball of energy. It was hovering at the top of a tree across the street from us. It was very big we stood there, shocked and terrified neither of us made a noise. When I came home the next morning ( me and my friend didnt tell anyone about what we have witnessed ) my older brother (name withheld by PSICAN) asked me if I'd seen anything weird the night before and I said no but he described the exact same thing I seen the night before."

    Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report. If you were in the Bancroft area or have observed something similar please contact us.

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    Do They Actually Work?

    I am constantly bombarded with emails on weight loss schemes, and products claiming to be the best diet pills, and I have to wonder do these really work? My guess is that they work for some people, and perhaps not for others, otherwise North America would be a far more healthier place.

    As with anything let the buyer beware, and find out everything you can about a product, especially when it comes to your health.

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    Categories: UFO & Aliens

    Cambridge Ontario UFO Report

    Cambridge ON February 7th 2007 6:45 am

    "I sighted 3 lights flying in a triangular formation moving across the sky directly above me and heading north in Cambridge Ontario, February 7th, 2007 at approximately 6:45 am in the morning.

    One of the "lights" then zoomed across to join another and then back to its original position in the sky. They continued north at a speed faster than any jet and they then speed not off into the horizon but straight up and out into the sky to the northern hemisphere.......not sure if I was seeing things."

    Our thanks to the witness for this report. If you also saw these lights or something similar please contact us.


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    Shroud of Turin To Be Re-Examined

    Scientists are poised to re-open the debate on the actual dating of the Shroud of Turin according to MSNBC.

    Here is a snippet from the article:

    Twenty years after radiocarbon dating supposedly proved once and for all that the Shroud of Turin was a medieval hoax, scientists are revisiting their research to see if the tests were erroneous and the shroud really dates back to the time of Christ.

    “The result of the first test done in 1988 was almost an embarrassment at some point,” Barrie Schwortz, the photographer who documented the original Shroud of Turin Project, told TODAY’s Matt Lauer in a Good Friday interview in New York. “Now that we’re 20 years later, the technology certainly has improved.”

    The long strip of tightly woven linen that bears the ghostly image of a bearded man who had apparently been crucified has been venerated since the Middle Ages as the burial shroud of Jesus. And written references to the existence of such a cloth date back to the first century.

    Please click here for full article

    Hoax or not I still think this is a fascinating and enduring story based around a very cool artefact.

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