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    Apparitions and The Losira Model of Vanishing

    It's not often that one can actually cite Star Trek (The Original Series) when discussing ghostly apparitions, but I'm about to do just that.

    For my sceptical (or American spelt, skeptical) friends and readers... this article is probably not for you as it assumes a number of things...

    First that 'ghosts', by popular definition, exist.

    Second is that people 'see' them.

    Third, and this is the biggy, is that they are an external thing... something in the environment that could feasibly be seen by anyone who happened along... potentially even photographed.

    To my 'believer' friends, this is self evident, but I like to cover my own bases.

    Moving on...

    I've discussed, at length, a couple of things about apparitions and what they *should* be made of (see this post - click here - on the blog and this one - click here - as well,) which is some sort of atomic structure. If we assume that an apparition can be seen and potentially photographed, light must "play off" it... quite frankly, there is no other option. It must break, bend, absorb, reflect, and/or refract light waves/particles/bands or else, nope, it can't be photographed... or seen unless it's all in the witnesses' head.

    This argument (all in the head) loses steam when an apparition is seen by multiple witnesses at the same time.  Although there is a case for "mass hallucination", it's a very weak case, and even using that model, the chances of all these people seeing the "same" thing at the "same" time when it's a mental construct is beyond unlikely.  I could also, of course, toss in something far more prevalent which is apparitions seen by multiple witnesses (as potentially "uncorrupted" by hearing previous reports as therefore unlikely to be pre-disposed to "seeing" what they expect to see,) seeing the same apparition at differing times in the same (or nearby) locations that cannot be explained through normal methods. These sightings do question some hypothesis as to how apparitions are seen and why.

    So, for this article, we have to go with the idea that, indeed, it's not "all in their heads"...

    ...which leaves us with the question, just what are apparitions made of... and why do they seem to be able to appear and disappear so rapidly?

    The first part of that question is *the* mystery, so to work towards a potential resolution, let's look at the last part.

    Here is an important thought for you to consider...

    Despite the popular media conceptualizations, the number of people who have seen an apparition "pass through" a solid thing is actually quite small, but allow me to qualify this.

    I went through a number of our "true ghost story" books1 (not all as we currently have far too many to try this with at home,) and through our own database of reported sightings.  I eliminated everything that wasn't a reported apparition... so no poltergeists, prophetic or "message bearing" dreams, weird feelings or the like, and no odd sounds, smells, or touches. I only looked at people who reported to see something or someone.

    When the person spotted what they assumed was an apparition, the first things is almost all of them did not "tweak" to the notion the person (or thing) they saw was out of the ordinary, and would carry on whatever they were doing.  Only after (even a split-second) of realising that the person (or thing) should not "be" (either "be" there or "be" dressed like 'that' or "be" something that gives them away as not being 'normal', hence potentially 'paranormal',) they look up or around or back and... vanished.

    This is potentially where the semi-myth* of the ghostly apparition "going through" a wall or door comes into play, so it seems. Since the 'ghost' vanished, our minds go, with good reason, to the idea that "it" must have gone somewhere... so it HAD to pass "right through that wall" or "right through that door without opening it!"

    * - I can't call it a complete myth because I did find three or four witness reports that saw someone or something pass "into" a door or wall, but no witness on the other side to suggest these apparitions truly passed through the doors or walls or simply "merged"(?) with them.

    Of course, this doesn't at all *have* to be the case, but it makes the most logical and classical sense to most people. Things must go somewhere, I mean, they don't just disappear, right?

    I'm certain more than a few of you thought about instances where gases can be visible and then disappear as they are affected by the air (think steam of breath vapour on a cold day,) but remember, those gases don't disappear and they do take up the same volume of space... so, working with that notion, is that true for apparitions?  Could this be the origins of strange feelings, atmospheres, and "energies"?

    I can't say for sure, but it is food for thought...


    We do have, in our books, two cases where people didn't "look away" and may have seen an apparition "vanish"... one is a very good example as it was two witnesses involved.  Both cases involve something I now call the Losira Model. (This is where Star Trek TOS comes into play, but I'll explain later...)

    In the one case, the witness saw the "person" literally flattened... become thinner until they were a line or ribbon which turned and became so thin, they vanished.

    The other case was one person saw (and almost bumped into) the apparition, apologised to it (they assumed it was a real person,) and this drew the attention of someone else who only saw what they described as a thin scarf or ribbon blow behind the witness then vanishing into the wind.

    So, two cases in our hands... one from Ontario, Canada, the other from London, England, where the apparition quite literally seems to have lost dimension (width?) and then vanished when it/they became "too thin" to see...

    Wanna know what that might look like?  Enter actress Lee Merriwether!

    In the original series, Star Trek, there is an episode named, (strangely enough for this article at this site,) "That Which Survives".  Ms. Merriwether plays a robot/projection named Losira that is defending it's home world by keying itself to any particular intruder. The projection/robot would appear saying it was "for" whomever... and if it touched them, they died... but if it touched someone else, nothing happened.

    Believe it or not, this is important to this model I'm giving because when the robot was thwarted completely (usually by other people blocking it's way,) it would vanish by, you guessed it, losing it's width completely until it was a line which vanished on the screen.  Here's a link to this episode on YouTube, but you can skip ahead to roughly the 2:24 second mark to see Losira, the robot/projection's vanish.


    Hence, the Losira Model of vanishing.

    (Sci-fi geeks in this field are now rejoicing.)

    So, the Losira Model has the apparition literally losing one of it's dimensions until it's invisible... or seemingly so... but then, again, if the apparition had mass (which is must if it's breaking or effecting light to be seen,) then were does that go?

    Has the sci-fi model of going off to "another dimension" been seen by at least two people "in real life"?

    Again, that is BEYOND speculation... edging towards wild and crazy guess territory at break-neck speed.

    ...but then again, I would warn anyone that two instances doth not a great hypothetical model make... but perhaps there's other witnesses to the Losira Model in action?  Maybe this will spread the word and others will look into this?

    Well, that's the hope...

    I suppose there's not much left at the moment for me to do...

    ...save perhaps look into other things and find a Vader Model or a Dalek Model or a similar model invoking pop-culture like this... and make the other folks of sci-fi-fandom happy.

    That giggle out of the way, The Losira Model is apt... and worth thinking about for others, I hope.

    This Is The End My Friend

    1 - Quick List and explanation... in reverse order:

    The books were chosen rather randomly as they were, quite honestly, the closest ones to my desk at the time... the PSICAN files were on my computer... our database of reports.  The books in question are listed below.

    Haunted Toronto - John Robert Colombo, Haunted Houses - Edrick Thay, Ontario Ghost Stories and Ontario Ghost Stories v.II by Barbara Smith, Ghost Stories of Sasketchewan - Jo-Anne Christensen, Some Canadian Ghosts - Sheila Hervey, Haunted Royal Homes - Joan Forman, True Experiences with Ghosts - Martin Ebon, Ghosts of the Air - Martin Caidin, Ghosts - Brian Inglis

    I admit that I bypassed Haunted Battlefields by Dan Afar which was closer than a couple of these books as it was RELATIVELY unlikely, in that book, to contain an indoor apparition that might walk "through" anything.

    This Is The End My Friend


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    No Brainer... and yet?

    How Many Pieces in your Puzzle?

    What makes you you?

    I know, sounds like a deeply philosophical question, but I'm looking at the bear essentials as to why you speak the way you do, why you walk the way you walk, why you go where you go, why you behave the way you do... all that sort of stuff.

    Although there's no doubt that a certain amount of this is basically nothing more than reflex and instinct, but I wonder...

    How many reading this would doubt the idea that your experience... your memories... those elements dictate a lot of what and who you are.

    Sadly, thanks to brain injury studies including various forms of traumas, strokes, and necessary surgeries*, we do know without question that your memories are stored neatly in your grey matter.  

    Frontal Lobe and (roughly) Hippocampus

    Basically, if we kill or remove a part of your brain, usually in or around the hippocampus or frontal lobe, you might quite literally lose years of your life... you just won't remember them. You could "forget" how to speak or how to tie your shoes... or you might forget your spouse, your children, your parents... but retain everything else provided the physical damage/removal isn't too extensive.

    This is one of the reasons I've rarely argued with people that refer to the human brain as a "computer"... though I would argue that it's really just some parts of a computer... the CPU (Central Processing Unit or the main thing that looks after all the basic functions and has the primary language and decoding sets,) and the RAM (Random Access Memory), ROM (Read Only Memory or the stuff that's hard-coded into the computer,) and the fixed storage... the "hard disk"... and that's the memory like our "brain" memory... the bit that stores our experiences, education, and those elements of what we've retained by experience.

    Hard Disk Drive

    If I go to your hard disk, and delete your work files, and then literally "scratch" that bit of the hard disk, those files are gone...

    ...which is the same as that brain injury or surgery we're looking at... a bit of the hard disk literally removed.

    It's a safe bet, then, that if I can kill part of your brain and eliminate experiences and memories... that effective personal "data" stored there... you would have to assume, correctly and logically, that all experiences and memories would be wiped with the death of the whole brain.

    ...and isn't brain death... well... our ultimate definition of bodily death?

    Now, let's look at the DPH or "Dead Person Hypothesis"... that ghosts are the spirits of the dead... and that they "know" where they are, or at least are somewhat cognisant of their environment in the slightest way...

    ...where is that "data" stored?

    At the terminus of all brain activity... when the brain literally begins to degenerate, break down, and putrefy... what mechanism, if any, ports the person's (who would be "the ghost") memories to their new... um... location?

    What structures would hold that sort of memory in apparently the ether, after all, we have a good grasp on what structure holds a memory now... at least, which structure holds it and where it's located... butwhat holds it into a "ghost"... especially if we accept the concept that this entity we're discussing now is a spirit of a dead person?

    DON'T GET ME WRONG HERE... Sue and I are most certainly not like those mouth-breathers that says things similar to, "If ghosts are the souls of the dead, and they're seen clothed, not naked, does this mean the clothes have a soul!?! SEE! I win! Ghosts can't be real! Hahahaha!"

    ...because the conclusion reached above, that this "proves" that ghosts cannot be, is not proper... the better answer to this is another question... "Why do people see ghosts as clothed and not naked?"

    Far from dismissing the notion, it opens up a new question, because indeed, people say they experience ghosts, and I hardly think we're all a bunch of liars, so why are they dressed? (Here in this blog post, this is a rhetorical question... You can ponder it if you'd like, but if you *know* why, unless you have absolute empirical evidence to demonstrate it as absolutely accurate, it's speculation and a good guess... maybe a faith... but the question may still remain... "Why are ghosts wearing clothes if the clothes lack a soul?")

    So, I now ask you this...

    If a ghost is the spirit of a dearly departed person, (The DPH,) how does it know where the house it haunts is?  If it goes up or down some stairs, how does it know the stairs are there? If it opens or closes doors, how does it know the door is there?

    In those cases where it's a "known loved one" showing up with a message, how is that message being stored and played back/delivered to the right (or even close to right) person?

    ...and I could go on and on...

    If the quite literal structure that we do know holds our memories and experiences is "gone"... how does a ghost remember?

    I honestly have no answer for this... it's simply food for thought... and perhaps, something to spur some conversation.

    * - See National Stroke Association's "Recovery After Stroke: Thinking and Cognition", "Memory loss after stroke" by Alberto Maud, MD for American Academy of Neurology, "Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide" by Dr. Glen Johnson, "Evaluation of Memory Dysfunction Following Experimental Brain Injury Using the Morris Water Maze"  published in the Journal of Neurotrauma and authored by Douglas H. Smith, Koichi Okiyama, Mark J. Thomas, Brian Claussen, and Tracey K. McIntosh as a few quick find selections to show this fact, though many many more exist...

    This Is The End My Friend

    Addenda: 22:20 EST - The idea that the "memory" of a ghost isn't "live" or potentially sentient may hold some water as well... and go a long way to explaining those ghosts that seem to be ignoring the 'present' environments and working only in the past... like those who go through walls that were once doors... or up stairs that don't exist anymore... there are cases that seem to show this happens, but it's not every case... still, figured I should chuck this in here.

    Also, via Facebook, Maria and Sue are both tossing about the idea of memories being stored "out of body"... literally, an off-site backup. It would need to be a "backup" of the originals (in your brain) as we do know memories can be removed with the killing or removal of certain areas of the brain. This concept led to a discussion that any person could potentially "run into" those memories, trigger them, and have a 'past life' experience... which may not be an experience as such, but a collision with ethereal backup memories of someone else... this, in turn, could trigger a psi incidence (where the memory, through a living person's hitherto unknown psychical potential) literally "plays out" the memory... thus either giving them the psychical vision of a ghost, or even potentially, again with psi, having the 'ghost' manifest itself outside the experient's own body... literally playing it back like a psychic projector for other witnesses to see.

    All food for thought!

    This Is The End My Friend


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    Faux scepticism as a sign of hipster intelligence...

    CBC Radio

    "It's amazing what people's imaginations can do."

    ...and with those words above, on this past Hallowe'en morning, CBC Metro Morning (Toronto) host, Matt Galloway, did what I would expect... dismissed ghostly experiences as little more than the hallucinations or fantasies of people's deluded minds... and I have zero doubt that he's content with the absolute correctness of this statement.

    It was the literal tag end of an interview with our friend, Richard Fiennes-Clinton of Muddy York Tours who does ghost tours of Toronto.  Richard did a great job of promoting his tours as history first (which they are,) and for educating people on Toronto's legitimate dark history... but then, talked about some folk's reported sightings... to which Mr. Galloway replied...

    "It's amazing what people's imaginations can do."

    ...and then ended the interview rapidly before Richard could answer that statement if he so desired... which he probably wouldn't have for expedience's sake.

    I have, as stated, no doubt that Mr. Galloway's world views feel that this, the paranormal, is all bunk... because I like and appreciate his program and it seems to be my lot to appreciate those who probably wouldn't appreciate my works. 

    The sad truth for me is that probably 90% of the media and cultural personalities I enjoy would probably think, if they knew me, that I'm a complete and total nutter... or, at best, naive... at worst, a fraud. (That last one always amuses me when I hear it as I make exactly NO money from this study.)

    It does seem that a reasonable amount (not all, but a goodly amount,) of intellectuals knee-jerk to the idea that all or any paranormal stuff is outrageous nonsense propagated by criminals or stupid people because science says so, after all.

    ...but as readers of this blog (and my work,) know very well, science does not "say" anything. Without empirical evidence to support OR refute a hypothesis, scientists *should* remain mute... unless they have an axe to grind or a stance to promote.

    None-the-less, they've heard people they feel are brilliant say it's bunk, so it must be bunk... and also, let's face it, the idea of ghosts is a little... well... out there.

    I hear this constantly... and I notice that in the eyes of people I did respect, my standing slips a little when I say I do believe in ghostly experiences... unless, of course, they let me tell them why without immediately slamming up a wall of intolerance to hypothesis...

    I ask three simple questions...

    #1: "Do you believe that some of the people that say they experience these things feel that they actually did experience them?"

    Most people answer yes...

    #2: "Do you believe weird things, not traditional ghosts in your view, but anything 'odd' or seemingly unexplainable happen?"

    When someone answers "No." to this, I walk away... because that is incurably ignorant.  Of course "weird things" happen.  Sure, they may defy explanation at the moment and time will bring about an answer as to what caused them or how, but at *this* time, they remain unexplained.  Those that answer "Yes" get to the third question...

    #3: "Taking away any of the hypothesis for what causes them*, do you believe that experients of ghostly things are indeed experiencing 'something'... and therefore, perhaps, it's okay to look into those experiences and try to figure them out... if for no other reason, to either find the natural explanation or put the witness' mind at ease as to what they experienced?"

    * - ...such as the 'DPH' or 'Dead Person Hypothesis' - that ghosts are the remnants of a living person post mortem, or 'psi' -  the idea that ghostly things are literally physical external manifestations from our own minds using potentially some sort of latent psychical abilities.

    Most people say "Yes" or a variation at this question...  in fact, the worst I've ever heard is that a person wouldn't waste "their time" with this pursuit, but I asked them if it bothered them if I spent my time doing so... no real answer to that one.

    So, ghost studies aren't stupid... or the realm of idiots...

    ...but like I said, I do get it... I do understand why it's "Intellectually Chic" to crap all over the idea of things paranormal... look at the giggle factor.

    I mean, the four interviews I did this Halloween (none of which went public without tweaking and editing to play up the "SPOOKY BOO!" nonsense for Halloween,) all contained questions from the reporters about the "Paranormal Activity" movies, the known hoax of Amittyville, or general reality-ish television ghost hunting... none of which even come close to what we do... but hey, the media needs this crud... and after all, there's a plethora of wanna-be cosplaying fame-seekers who will hapilly play up that nonsense... not to mention the thrill seekers that desperately want what they see in those movies or on teevee to be real... to the point, more often than not, that they'll clumsilly re-enact and re-create it... regardless of the authenticity of the moment.

    I even heard another CBC radio program which is part scripted comedy/story-telling, part semi-documentary interviewing a person in the paranormal business where the engineers hapilly began piping in dumb moan-like droning hum during the interview, dramatically cutting off the call as if done by "other-worldly" forces, calling back (touch-tone starting with the infamous 555 according to the sound of the dialing... in case anyone mistook it for a legitimate disconnect,) and generally making the fellow look a bit... well... weak.  The humour for me is when this paranormal business person said that one of the bigger problems in the field of ghosts is that it's not taken seriously.

    Think about that... and where it was said... and when.

    No wonder the media and popular culture have a completely correct and unwavering belief as to what "we're" all about?

    ...and after all, aren't "we" all the same?  I mean, we must be... just ask those reporters... and indeed, many of the media and cultural personalities I enjoy.

    I mean, just ask... The Society for Psychical Research?  A bunch of proto-Victorians doing cheeseball 1930's-60's movie-style seances, no doubt... The Parapsychological Association?  Well, we all know Egon Spengler from the 'Ghostbusters' who collected spores, moulds, and fungus... The Koestler Unit of The University of Edinburgh? An interest course for bored students looking to kill time little better than the in-depth study of the music of Britney Spears... PSICAN and indeed Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts as well as ParaResearchers?  Ghost hunters.  Just like those plumbers on television.

    Years ago, I posed this question to a young reporter, straight out of university who commented that I, and I quote, "seemed intelligent" so couldn't figure out why I'd be interested in these things.  I asked, "Do you believe that every witness who claims they've seen a ghost is lying or wrong?"

    "Yes!", came a laughing answer, as if the answer was posted on a large sign over their head... like asking them, "Would you like to win a lottery?"... or like asking a devout Christian in a Baptist church if they believed in God... but I'll get back to that last one.

    Yup, why read?  Why study?  Why have facts and data?  Why bother looking into these people?  Just mock them and move on, please... unless it's prudent for business not to... but we can always return to mock them later.

    The idea to some that people are looking into the experiences without prejudice and with as much neutrality as possible astounds them... and the concept of someone experiencing (for real) this sort of stuff???  So, why change a world view?  Res ipsa loquitor, after all.

    Back to believing in God... since this is more an opinion piece, allow me to be quite honest with all of you... I am, unabadeshadly, an agnostic... not a "soft atheist" as I've been called, but more a possibilian than anything else. (That is, I will identify as a "possibilian" until some moron attaches more dogma to that title, above and beyond "accepting and respecting without adopting" roots... and no doubt, some idiot eventually will.) but I do strongly believe that the world of the spiritual and philosophical should be kept out of my government and out of the schools... and in the hands of, if anything, parents and clergy and that the laws of the land should be dictated by vox populi mixed with human empathies.  I do not subscribe to any dogmatic beliefs, but see the good and the bad in all philosophies and religions.  If you disagree with me, that's fine... as I am not 'militant' or 'evangelical' in my views, but I felt I should be forthcoming.

    This said, the same media and cultural personalities I enjoy contain more than a few knee-jerk atheists... people that openly poo-poo the church and all aspects of it.

    Many, however, love to quote Ghandi... and The Dalai Lama... because, I assume, they don't count.

    They also made a recent Christian minister a minor internet celebrity when his impassioned speech to a city council in the United States was "YouTubed"... He started off with a condemnation of same-sex marriage and rights and cited pseudo-bible pseudo-quotes and all about what gay rights would be... basically an afrontation to God etc. etc... and then, without skipping a beat, exchanged the words "gay rights" for "desegregation" and ended his speech pointing out that, indeed, the advocates against gay rights not only sound like, but are almost word-for-word duplicating the hatred and stupidity of the bigots against people of different skin colours actually being in the same place together.  The minister, as it turns out, was obviously (and brilliantly) all for the rights of LGBT community... and was rightly applauded....

    ...and the chorus went up, "What a good man!"

    ...but all Christian ministers are evil, right?  All people that believe in a God are deluded or stupid, correct?

    "Yeah, but NOT HIM!"

    It's reminiscent of the old, "Well, I hate... (fill in the blank here with the race, creed, culture, philosophical, or person of  faith of your choice,) but he's not like  (fill in the blank here with the race, creed, culture, philosophical, or person of  faith of your choice,) so he's okay!"

    Yup, right up there with "Some of my best friends are..."

    To toss in that fellow (and the plethora of others like him,) with the Westboro Baptist Church (which we all know is a bit of a scam, right?) types is akin to suggesting that any Russian politician in history is effectively Stalinist.

    So, apparently, it IS potentially possible to have a good message and be stupid and believe in a God, I guess. (...again, excluding the idea that the oft quoted Ghandi and Dalai Lama had/have any faith... they always get a pass with the overtly atheist.)

    It's also, looking at recent events involving Rebecca Watson and Richard Dawkins (and no, I don't have a horse in this race... it's all pretty sordid and stupid... all of it...) one can surmise that no matter who you side with in this situation, you can have a good message... and be a complete idiot... even as an atheist.

    People LOVE to try and pigeonhole the faith of Albert Einstein... which has led to dueling diary entries, letters, and even falsified quotations... but I'll give you the straight poop.

    Einstein had a faith... in the universe.  Anyone who's had any sort of epiphany in terms of our universe has had at least some sort of spiritual-feeling experience.  He had dogmas, but I don't think he put too much stock in them... as his sense of God was, in his own actual words, his sense of wonder of the universe.

    Einstein would most likely not have leapt onto the evangelical atheist bandwagon as it had little relevance to his own body of work... any more than Jocelyn Bell Burnell's faith has any intricate meaning to her discover of pulsars.

    Are there bad religious people?  Yes.

    Are they all bad?  Obviously not.

    Are there bad atheists?  Yes.

    Are they all bad?  No.... but again, I could understand some people's perceptions.  Depending on "whom" you look at, one COULD think that the evangelical atheists or those that may (or may not) have issues with women and cast disparaging comments et al... but we know they're not all the same...

    ...but us 'ghost people' are, right?

    "Tolerance for me, not for thee..."

    I could now truck out names like Radin, Sheldrake, Jahn, Colvin... and a host of others who are making waves (legitimately) in psychical research on a legitimate level that most people would be astonished by...

    ...but it wouldn't matter... despite their findings which are published and reviewed, they don't exist, I'm certain of it... After all, "It's amazing what people's imaginations can do."

    I've often thought that spontaneous non-belief without study is the first bastion of the frightened.  (Frightening, as when you look at that exact thought, in how many ways it's true and within so many arenas.)

    I wish I could find a way to put it to those people... to say to them, "Judging the world of paranormal research and investigation based on reality-ish television shows, fictional movies, or what well-oiled machines (like JREF and CSI/CFI,) say about the topic is the absolute equivalent of thinking that Sarah Palin, Dame Edna Everage, and Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority speak for all women everywhere."

    ...okay, that might be hyperbolic, but the situation remains the same.

    It would be nice, however, if they could just notice one thing... and that is intelligent, sane, normal people have weird experiences... that they sometimes would like to know more about other than knee-jerking to a particular non-answer... and these people are not stupid, not insane, and believe it or not, not being unscientific.  I'm certain their imaginations are indeed capable of things... but what might happen instead of dismissing them in a self-righteous moment of desperately trying to look more intelligent than they are, you stopped and said, "What if...?"

    Apparently, as the words "We Don't Know" are an anathema to some sceptics, "What if..?" cannot exist with those who know more than us gullible types... after all, we're all imagining things anyway...

    ...and how awful it has been, throughout history, when people looked into and tried to find the truths of those things "imagined".

    I suppose I'll have to live with it... that many of my media and cultural personalities... indeed, even some of the people of the intelligencia... I like will need to be intolerant of things.  After all, they can't look like fools... like us...

    ...like me.

    One last note...

    I've known FAR more self-described sceptics (again, not really 'sceptics' as scepticism implies doubt, not denial and absolute non-belief,) who have changed their minds on things after an experience either of their own or someone they trust... not that they accepted that "dead people" are all around them... but that weird stuff happens and can be experience and SEEMINGLY defies logical explanation... then I know people who originally and legitimately believed or had experiences that became absolute non-believers.

    Something to consider...

    This Is The End My Friend


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    Seeing What's Not Expected


    At this time of year, Hallowe'en season, or as certain people mistakenly title it, "ghost season", for many of us, it's undeniably easy to get into ranting... and, like clockwork, the worst and most questionable 'ghost hunters' (et al) of the lot have found their way to television cameras or newspapers or are rather desperately leaping up in the air to grab the media's attention like a lonely Jack Russell terrier in a front bay window of a home at the sign that their masters might be returning... and therefore, the offal of this study is now trickling out into the collective conscious of society...

    I did write a three page rant that was going to be published (despite saying the marvellous list below was "it" until after Hallowe'en,) instead of this a couple of days back which was laced with invectives, named-names, and contained more than a little rather adult language... but I deleted it.

    Why? Because THANKFULLY cooler heads prevailed (Sue rightly stopped me,) and because although I loath media at the best of times, this time of year they being particular egregious to me, I am now doing two interviews because they are places and topics near and dear to me... and one, already concluded, reminded me of why this study is worth the high blood pressure and legitimate anger at the faux authorities and false "historians" busily peddling their wares...

    Fort York {C - Wiki Commons}

    Via Wikipedia/Wikicommons

    A long while back, I received an e-mail from someone who was visiting Old Fort York in Toronto.

    Historic Fort York is easily the most commonly "reported" places we hear about in our home town.  More people write to us about experiences at the fort than any other location... we even have reports from less than a month ago (at the time of writing this,) and literally hundreds prior to that.  Most of the reports are about doors opening and closing on their own volition, footsteps heard that "shouldn't be" and did not have a human agent, and indeed, more than a few apparitions.

    Now, when I tell people it's "the most reported place" in Toronto, this does not at all guarantee anything.  Hundreds of reports vs. literally millions of visitors... doing a wee bit of math, that's less than a 0.1% chance of experiencing something odd that may defy explanation... but it still makes it the most common spot open to the public.

    As with any site, many reports we get from the fort *could* be explained through natural (and/or "man made") events being mistaken... but every so often...

    History, as I've occasionally pointed out, may not actually be the best place to start a ghost investigation of any sort, as it may lead one to "pre-determine" an outcome that may not be correct... for example, if I expect to see a woman in the officer's kitchen in Fort York and I see one, I may dive to the notion, especially if it wasn't THAT clear a visual, to assume it's a long gone historical figure... but was it?  Was it an interpreter (living or indeed dead) or perhaps a re-enactor? Maybe you didn't notice that the clothes were odd, but actually just an evening dress and as the fort is home to modern day events where formal attire is often the order of the day, maybe that apparition dates from that?  In other words, "expecting one thing" might lead one to assume ONLY one thing could be expected.

    ...but then some places lend themselves to history and expectations and it's hard to deny Fort York is not one of them.

    ...and if we subscribe to a popular causation hypothesis for ghostly things, which is the "DPH" ("dead person hypothesis"... that ghosts are the spirits or some sort of residual left over from a now deceased person,) combined with a tragic scenario, then Historic Fort York is a bell ringer in Toronto.

    Home to Canada's largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings (and the oldest "still standing" buildings in the City of Toronto,) the fort was built in 1793 under the direction of Sir John Graves Simcoe (who has a "ghostly" connection outside of Canada himself,) and is the site of a rather nasty (and "home town losing") battle on April 27th, 1813.

    Long story as short as possible, (full details are available on a lot of places online - Google is your friend - but if you go to our website. look for the update from April of 2000 when I had a "historic moment", you'll find a reader's digest detail of the battle there...) the Americans landed just West of the fort (near present-day Sunnyside Beach in Toronto,) and pushed the defenders back to the fort. 

    Realising he was out manned and outgunned, the British general (Scheaffe) wisely retreated his "real" fighting forced (trained British redcoats) from the Fort towards present-day Pickering... leaving the fort and the city to be protected by a largely untrained militia.  Scheaffe (the actual hero of Queenston Heights, not Brock, sad to say... look it up!) also did not want the fort's cache of gunpowder to fall into the enemies hands, so he did what wasn't uncommon in this situation... lit a long fuse to the powder magazine.

    Fort York {C - Wiki Commons}

    Via Wikipedia/Wikicommons

    The militia and a handful of regulars who'd been vainly fighting the Americans from Sunnyside to the fort's gates, saw the Union flag (it's not a "Jack" unless on a ship,) flying and assumed all was well... so did the American forces... and the former went forward for shelter after fierce fighting, the latter to lay siege and take the fort. 

    Scheaffe was supposed to, in the "rules of war", lower the flag... to let the soldiers know it was not occupied and best investigated cautiously... but in his haste, neglected to do so... so the powder magazine went up with what is considered the third largest explosion to ever happen in North American history... killing British/Canadian and American soldiers as well... mostly with flying debris and projectiles.  The most famous casualty was the American general leading the attack, General Pike, who was crushed under a falling boulder.

    The fort was eventually abandoned by the Americans, re-taken by the British, abandoned to a more gentle American invasion later on, abandoned again, re-taken and fortified by the British, and then, thankfully, peace...

    The fort's history continued as a military base for over a century more and was "rebuilt" as a historic site and museum in the 1930's and has remained as such ever since. (As a pedantic side note, if you visit, the "stone walls" around the inside of the fort are not historic... that were built as a "make work" project in the 30's to help combat the great depression...) The site is very interesting, also, as it's now a wee oasis of history literally in a sea of high rise condominiums and an elevated highway. Worthy of a visit no matter what your intentions.

    For years, it was not unusual for the fort's buildings to be secured and locked, but the grounds open as a park or green space where people could traverse from Spadina towards the new Fort York armoury and further a bit to the Canadian National Exhibition grounds... and people often strolled through on daily sojourns.

    In the early 2000's, I received a note from a woman who's husband saw what he wasn't sure was a ghost, but a fellow who seemed to defy logic and potentially physics.

    The husband was walking a dog when he spied a man in a "dark green coat" by a tree near the fort.  He looked at the man, looked away, and true to form, the man vanished seemingly without a trace.  The fellow, being a self-described "sceptic", immediately walked with purpose to the tree, but the man was gone.

    Now, later on, I found that the idea of this fellow being a "ghost" from the fort was indeed dismissed by the witness as EVERYONE knows that the militia and soldiers during the War of 1812 were either spanking in red (British) or brilliant in blue (American) so this couldn't be the situation! (British readers should be alerted... although the Sharpe series was big there, it really wasn't all that massively received in Canada so it's unlikely that something from "popular culture" might have swayed his vision of what a soldier might be wearing...)

    Copyright - IMUC

    Via IMUC

    To probably a good 90% of the population of this city, this "fact"  (Brits/Canadians = Red, Americans = Blue) is solid... but it isn't a fact.

    Below is two examples of gents from The Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles, who were a Canadian (British) regiment from present-day Ontario who wore uniforms similar to Rifle Regiments battling in Spain, Portugal, and France at the same time and were, indeed, involved in the Battle of York.

    The Glens (C - Creative Commons)

    Via Warof182.ca and CMHG

    ...and of course, the "brave York Volunteers" did eventually end up in scarlet uniforms with red facings, but early on...

    York Volunteer

    Via CMHG

    ...so perhaps it was a soldier.

    How did this fellow "find" this particular flavour of soldier?  This wasn't what he "expected"... so does it dismiss the idea of the witness only seeing what he expected or wanted to see?

    Staying with the War of 1812 (being the 200th anniversary,) let's look at Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake and one of my favourite reports via Kyle Upton through his awesome book and tours as well as speaking to the fellow, Mark, who was the tour guide involved with the actual moment.

    Fort George {C - Wikicommons}

    Via Wikipedia/Wikicommons

    Before heading forward, please note... I will not be giving all the details as the tours and Kyle's book are something everyone should consider attending/buying... They are phenomenally good... but I can give reasonable details and salient points of this one situation at the fort.  Also, to assume this is the ONLY experience at the fort worth discussing would be, in my eyes, like assuming that Albert Einstein is the only scientist in history.

    The one story, however, that factors most into this post...

    It was a rainy, bleak day and Mark was standing in uniform (he was an interpreter working at the fort,) in the doorway of the main blockhouse.  He was the only person in the building at the time until a woman and her young son ran in from the rain.

    The boy was, as all young boys are, all over the place... exploring, running about, checking things out.  The woman did the traditional thing of making polite conversation and asking the usual retinue of questions about the fort, the building, Mark's uniform, et al...

    The boy, who'd run upstairs, came down and asked Mark about the "man upstairs".

    Mark explained they were alone, but the boy insisted...

    In Mark's own words, and knowing he was the only person in the building, he assumed that since it was a very young man that this gent "upstairs" was likely accompanied by an imaginary dinosaur or the like... so he humoured him and asked "what" about this fellow and what did he look like.

    The boy said he was in a similar uniform to Mark's, but it was red... with green facings... not the blue facings Mark had... and apparently, the man was very sad and wondering where his friends had gone.

    The mother then said they'd spent enough time, wished Mark a good day, and moved on in the rain to the next building.

    Mark, with apprehension, did look upstairs, and found nothing.

    Like the report above, the young man had correctly identified the uniform of a regiment posted at the fort during the war, but not one the boy would have seen at the fort itself at the time.  Also, the centre blockhouse is home to one of the fort's more notable residents named "Irving" who was thought to be responsible for much poltergeist activity.

    Had Irving now been "seen"? Again, did something prompt the boy to know what the uniform might have been and why that was important, or did he just "see" him?

    I leave this all up to you, dear reader, but a couple of things to note...

    Both the above reports happened during the day... so the whole, "Lights OUT! Spooky time!" nonsense is shown for what it is.

    ...and do these cases, and cases like this, put a damper on ghostly experiences "created" by the witness?


    I did point out with the "green jackets" that fans of the Sharpe series are used to the notion of the "brave green jacketed Napoleonic soldier"... and is it possible the fellow had seen and ad or the like and was simply unaware of knowing this possibility, but his subconscious kicked it in for his vision?

    How about the young boy?  Could he have seen a book in the gift shop?  Maybe a museum display Mark was unaware of?  Was he somewhat "primed" for his vision?

    I have NO doubt that these experiences happened to the witnesses as they report them... as to why, that's why I'm in this study.

    On a related note, our one site, Torontoghosts, is a kind of online grandfather here in the province as it has been around since 1997... and yes, although I always demure at most "claims to fame", even The City of Toronto recognise us as at least an authority and most people interested in the subject have found our site... so indeed, with rare exceptions, we usually hear about most of the "known haunts" of the town... so when a "reportedly haunted" site appears out of nowhere that a ghost hunter or the like claims is now unbelievably haunted... and yet we have few or even no reports... and none come in after their tours or articles or media appearances, we have the one question about whether that site *was* ever haunted...

    ...and why, if people CAN be primed to have experiences and fed ideas that will even kick over either a latent psi situation or even a hallucination, has no one come to us since the site's fame.  Casa Loma and the above mentioned CNE (which I have blogged about,) are two examples... no massive influx of "new reports"... and in the latter case, none reported at all since the ghost tours. (Yup, not even as of THIS date.)

    This situation is important to the idea that ghost sightings are not necessarily prompted by images in popular media and/or that people cannot be pushed into an experience because someone has told them that the place they are in must (or at least should) give them that experience.

    Combined with the two reports from the forts above (although there are others, I picked those as they fit the model of this post and it being the bi-centennial of the war,) one wonders... is it really "all in our heads"...?  Like a subliminal message, can ghosts be forced upon us through our own minds?

    Looking at these cases, it doesn't seem like it...

    ...and that's, in an odd way, very exciting!

    This said, while out and about this Hallowe'en season, and taking in the sites and sights... stop for a moment and think... perhaps that odd dressed person you didn't expect to see isn't there... in the corporeal sense.

    Happiest of Hallowe'ens from Sue and meself to you!

    This Is The End My Friend


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    Categories: Paranormal - Rants

    FINAL VERSION* - Awesome Ghost Hunter's List

    * - "Final" only in terms of us right now... I'm sure/hoping other's will add as the days and months go on...

    The LIST!

    This is probably our last post before Halloween... so HAPPY HALLOWEEN/HALLOWE'EN/ALL HOLLOWS EVE/SAMHAIN one and all from Sue and meself!

    Yes, we did this before... but this is the newer list complete with suggestions and additions from our Facebook group as well as a few of my own that sprung to mind.

    IF you were wondering how to know if the paranormal investigators or group you're looking at/reading about/hearing on the radio/watching on TV/anything is a <SARCASM>Truly Awesome </SARCASM> group, have a look at the list below... and see how many of these things you can check off as being related to them.

    The more they match these points, the more <SARCASM>Truly Awesome </SARCASM> they have to be!

    So, without further adieu, here's the list of things to watch for from <SARCASM>Truly Awesome </SARCASM> paranormal investigators and groups!

    Space! The Final Frontier!

    Check The LIST!

    Here are the (Slightly Edited and Cleaned-Up) Originals --

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Dress Alike

    They Be Ghosthunters! You can tell by their uniform!

    The entire team dresses identically in some form of quasi-uniform.


    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Film me, baby!

    "When I add the gothic tune, the networks will be banging at my door!!!"

    Their YouTube videos contain complete musical scoring and a three minute intro with credits and only thirty seconds of actual content which is usually, at best, questionable.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    "...which is our scientific method for using our equipment... or playing tic-tac-toe... one of the two."

    They claim they are "scientific" because they are using "scientific" equipment like EM meters, yet don't understand how to use the instruments properly nor understand the hypothesis behind even using them.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    Of COURSE we're serious!

    They say they are serious about the study, yet liberally use references to the comedic movie "Ghost Busters" and/or "Scooby Doo" and/or they still or continue to have cheeseball Halloween images on their websites or other online presence.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    Everyone knows that poltergeists are caused by dead pre-teen angst filled Saquatches. It's a known fact!

    They mistake personal or pop-culture belief for untested hypothesis which they mistakenly call theory which they treat as fact.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    What The Hell

    "...d-d-d-d-d-did you... wuh-wuh-wuh-was that you... who... farted?"

    The high point of their day is being able to exclaim, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?!?!"

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Know Everything about The Unknown!

    "Let me tell you EVERYTHING about what no one knows about."

    They say they're studying the unknown, yet seemingly know all about it.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Social Disea... er... media

    A ghost group only on Pinger? Awesome!

    Their main web presence is only via Facebook, Blogger, or worse, MySpace.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Don't Challenge Me! I be PARANORMAL!

    Doesn't he seem willing to discuss your different hypothesis to his own?

    They are here to answer questions, not to be asked questions or challenged.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    "Here, let me help you with ALL your answers to the veracity of my data."

    The ghost photos and EVP they post are open to interpretation... provided your interpretation matches their own to a large degree.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Learning So Much!

    "So, if we dress the pig in pink, it will turn gay... but that's okay. I'm good! Let's use the EM meter as a Magic 8-ball now!"

    They appear to think that "Jersey Shore" was a documentary.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Ima STARR!


    Their web presence lists "media" credits or "media" contact ahead of anything else... like content or work... because THAT'S what's important and what will prove they are great at their work.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    It'll End in Tears

    After today, there are no ghosts. Didn't you know that?

    For them, there is a "ghost season" which starts when they're bored in late Spring ends usually sometime after Halloween... or in other words, their interest wanes when the media is less likely to be calling, the chance to make potential money from punters is weaker, and/or their friends and family are less likely to care about their "cool" investigations and hunts.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    New and IMPROVED SPR with Cleanso Action!


    They probably think The SPR is either a spray lubricant or cleaner available at most hardware stores.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    This Belongs On a Mast Head with SOUND!

    ...if only it could be a smoking, animated skull...

    Their website, if they have one, is a callback to Geocities/Angelfire in the late nineties... loads of embedded music, sounds, and animated images that can crash most browsers.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    "THIS ISN'T BLACK!!! Take it back... but leave the "ECTO2" license plates."

    One of their goals is to own either a "team" hearse or classic ambulance because that would be cool.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Dictionary? Do you know it?

    USE IT.

    They are self proclaimed parapsychologists who can't properly define that term and assume its synonymous with "ghost hunter".

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    No Ghost Here... unless...

    Tonnes of ghosties here... if they come here... and say so.

    They have the ability to find ghosts in places no one has ever found, reported, experienced, and documented a "ghostly" event before they visited... quite literally, they find things where for hundred of years (or more) *no one else* has had an experience because they are just that lucky or psychic.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    TEAM PHOTO TIME... again.

    They have more pictures of themselves or their team members on their website than anything other images.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Volume 213 - Plumbing Snakes and Ouija Boards

    Volume 517 - Proper Use of Ion Detectors and Toilet Snake Usage

    They're immensely proud of their library which consists of the finest books written by (or for) their favourite television para-celebrities.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    Rate My Fraidy-Poop!

    They rate their "cases" on a scale that includes the word "scary' and may contain a scatological or urological references.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Ooo! So COOL!

    Badges are cool... See?

    They have official ID badges that took longer to design, print, and build then it took to build their entire web presence.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    He's all sciency and stuff!

    He's all sciency and stuff and proved that ghosts are alien bigfeet with MATH!

    They say that quantum mechanics answers or potentially proves that the paranormal exists... but can't tell you how or why... and think Niels Bohr is a type of drill bit.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Your poop smells... Mine is odourless.

    "I think your data is flawed when compared to the gold standard... aka: my data."

    They call themselves sceptics because they only believe their unknown things are actually unknown and potentially 'paranormal' in nature... Yours, however, are open to strong doubt.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    I'm just taking this original idea 'cuz it's NOW MINE!

    "I'm just going to take this work and come up with it ALL ON MY OWN because it's MINE!"

    They are consistently 100% original and have amazing minds that come up with amazing notes and ideas without references or any outside sources or any other thing that may have triggered their work... ever.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Oh crap! We ran over the ghost!

    "Crap gang! I think we just ran over the ghost!"

    When reading about their investigations, there's more information about the drive to the site and team dynamics then the actual investigation.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Title: Building my first EM meter!

    Building My First EM Meter...

    Their noted "years in the field" or of being "interested in the study" would, with a wee bit of math, mean they were either extraordinarily young children (potentially toddlers) when they started their efforts... yet rarely have much actual content and work to show for their prodigal youth.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    You know it's just Glinda the Good Witch, right?

    This is just Glinda The Good Witch, you know...

    They acknowledge "orb photos" are not ghosts... except for their own orb photos which quite obviously are.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    IT'S A GHOST on cool Summer mornings...

    I photographed the WORLD'S BIGGEST GHOST on one cool Summer morning!

    {On the above note about "orbs", substitute the word "orb" with "mist" or "ectoplasm" for another item...}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    You'll be sorry we didn't help you when we're big stars!

    "No, no... this is all about YOU! Now, what can YOU do for my fame?"

    They're already working on their new independently made TV show about their exciting work and need your home/story... to help you, of course, not for themselves or their own ego or machinations.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Hey! How ya doin'?

    "It's all about me."

    Everything is a demon or related to demon-like stuff.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Ghosts ONLY come out for this sort of night...

    Everyone knows that ghosts ONLY come out in this kind of scenario... I saw it on TLC!

    They honestly seem to believe that you can only do an investigation at night and even buy into the idea that there's any generically specific time for "paranormal things" to be active... that somehow ghosts are incapably of being diurnal... witness/experients evidence and sightings to the contrary.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Model of my Ghost Hunting Gear

    An action figure of me en route to a ghost investigation.

    They "wear" flashlights or cameras even when they don't need them.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    There's a ghost in there somewhere... and it's selling shoes!

    See? There's a ghost in there! See!?!

    They still buy into "white noise" to "help" with EVP collection.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Only place ghosts come from other than thirteen year old girls (see Poltergeists).

    The seed of a ghost...

    They refer to themselves as investigators and researchers with "open minds" but only subscribe to the DPH (Dead Person Hypothesis) in terms of what a ghost could be.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Nothing to See Here...


    They're psychics and/or mediums on their team are flawless and never wrong or even slightly incorrect and their data does not need spot-checking... or if it does, facts can be bent/manipulated to fit the information just in case.

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    You know they're brilliant investigators/researchers when the above if their only credential... I mean, what else do you need???

    Their only study references can be found solely in the IMDB.

    Space! The Final Frontier!

    ...and the NEW ADDITIONS from our FACEBOOK group!

    The Historian!

    "I think the local history books are under the spirituality section, right?"

    They have historians on their team that might have been to the library or at least know whereabouts the library can be found... but probably not. {Hat Tip to John S}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    All Tunnels Are Haunted... by dead hookers... HONEST!

    Tunnels... they either have Mafia connections, or they're haunted... oh hell, they're both.

    They have a fascination with abandoned buildings, cemeteries, and especially tunnels regardless if there's an existing report of experiences in them or not.  {Hat Tip to John S}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    I can get a second mortgage because it'll be COOL!

    "Only THAT much? Well, I'll get a second mortgage! After all, it'll be a COOL collectors thing soon!"

    They have Cafe Press stores with oodles of paranormal merchandise that retails at exorbitantly high prices because its bound to be a collector's item someday. {Hat Tip to John S}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Remember this thing?

    Did we mention, USE IT!

    They use words like vortex or matrix incorrectly. {Hat Tip to Stu F}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    I is NOT a ghost hunters maybe... sometimes...

    "I'm not hunting ghosts! I'm on a ghost hunt! Totally different thing!"

    They denounce the term "ghost hunter" but spend their time hunting ghosts. {Hat Tip to Heather M}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    It came up on the first search, so it's true.

    "There! In the first three hits... in the preview... so it MUST be true!"

    They seem to assume simply using Google is actual research. {Hat Tip to Heather M}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    I just soiled myself.

    "EM SPIKE! EM SPIKE! EM SP... oh, dang... I just soiled myself."

    They use an EM field detector, add the disclaimer that "some people" feel that ghosts give off an electro magnetic field borderline dismissively, and then when it goes off get all giddy like a 50's bobbysoxer at a malt shop when a boy smiles at her. {Hat Tip to Darren B}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!



    They announce all team meetings (and investigations) publicly so that we all know they are working hard at hunting ghosts. {Hat Tip to Heather M}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    She get's great reception though...

    I bet she gets great reception with those things.

    They have hot female investigators that really don't do anything but hang out and get scared. {Hat Tip to Catherine G}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Yeah, me again...

    "Yeah, me again... and yeah, I'm kinda aiming at them."

    They claim they have been targeted by a "demonic" entity. {Hat Tip to Catherine G}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!


    BONGO'S HURT, damn you... damn your eyes...

    They know Lorraine Warren " personally". {Hat Tip to Catherine G}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    The car is haunted! Quick! Investigate it!

    "The car's haunted... no the building in the back... no, both of them! QUICK! Ask if we can go in and prove what we just said!"

    They contact historic sites, businesses, and the like to let them come in and "investigate", not because they know of any witness experiences at these places previous to this contact, but because they are simply old and therefore *must* be haunted. {Hat Tip to Heather M}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    MORE OF THE SAME GHOST from above... honest!

    "...and then I breathed out in the cold air with the camera right in front of my eyes and got this enormous ghost which HAS to be real because I see a face and it looks JUST like the REAL GHOST pictured a few items above."

    They have posted misty or breathy pictures on their Facebook page and claim it's ectoplasm. {Hat Tip to Chederella S}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    I got a lot of local buddies, that's all!

    "What can I say? I get around... and have a lot of friends locally!"

    They claim to have "personally investigated" thousands of cases of "demonic manifestations" in what appears to be a very tiny geographical location, despite the fact that the church itself does not make such claims. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Honourary $15 Degree in Parapsyghosthunting from Hamburger U!

    "I have a Ph.D in Parapsyghosthunting from Hamburger U!"

    Any claims they make to legitimate certification or academic/professional credentials do not stand up to any scrutiny. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Well then, it must be empirical fact when you say it that loud!

    Wow! She said that loud... and often! It MUST be true! (Fox News tries to work this way...)

    They seem to have a motto of, "If you say something often enough and loud enough, it will become true regardless of veracity." {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Will say "What The Hell Was That" for food... and money... and stardumb!

    "Help fund my project... where I spotlight idio... I mean, witnesses experience and run about saying 'What The Hell Was That?' to the camera in the dark. It's a good cause and a sure-fire recipe for $ucce$$!"

    They have an IndieGoGo/Kickstarter (or the like) campaign with $5 in donations towards their $20,000 goal to be ultra famous and make their own TV show pilot. {Hat Tip to John S}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    This kitten will give kibble to get rid of the scary thing!

    Kitteh give kibble for help with demon kitteh didn't know she had before being 'helped' by strange people.

    They seem to feel fear mongering is a good "business" model to drum up opportunities. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Sceptic! Sceptic! Sceptic!

    "Yeah, well the reason you don't believe I have a ghost haunting my pants is that YOU'RE A SCEPTIC!"

    When questioned about any of their thoughts, work, or ideas, will respond by simply pointing fingers and claiming you are obviously a skeptic. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Would I lie... TO YOU!?!

    "Would I lie... to you?"

    They claim 90% of the time you have success rate of 70% for "clearing homes". {Hat Tip to Darren B}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Yeah... um... it's real... um... something.

    "Yeah, like I have a B.A. with a major in English and that's a real ghost photo. Seriously! I went to university!"

    They display verified photos of authenticity using "university scientists". {Hat Tip to John S}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Hey! At least this one exists, even if he's a liar!

    HEY! So, he might be lying, but at least THIS expert is real!

    Any expert, academic, or authority they use has no name nor department/office when they are asked for information for verification purposes. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    I'll make it fit...

    With the right hammer, any piece will fit my puzzles.

    They will creat a history to fit their hypothesis and claim it's 'well known' despite never being documented previously. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Poo poo lurr

    Wow! They said they were awesome and they said everyone loves them! They must be GREAT!"

    They seem to feel that alerting you to the fact that they are the largest or 'most popular' group or site makes them somehow better at the study. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    But does it get Blogtalk???

    ...but does it get Blogtalk?

    They have a radio show... which ends up being only a BlogTalk Radio or Podcast only and not actually legitimate terrestrial or even satellite radio. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    This is great... but the guy beside me? BAD B.O.!!!

    "This is great! We're ALL together! I'm in charge, mind you... and that guy, yeah, that one? BAD B.O. so he's out of the circle shortly... and you have a weird eyeball... and you listen to Doors albums... and you like Star Wars more than Star Trek... and..."

    They say they wish to have 'Paranormal Unity' amongst other's in the field, although they seemingly mean to say they wish everyone to be their sycophantic, unquestioning follower who will never bring into doubt their work or thoughts. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Time to squeeze out another acronym!

    "Hang on, I'm squeezing out a new acronym..."

    They have an unoriginal yet somewhat questionable acronyms, such as "C.R.A.P.S", "F.A.P.S", or the like.  {Hat Tip to Justin W}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    It was all my idea! Mea culpa!

    "Yeah, this was all my idea... so they can tell RevCan that I made them do it. No problems!"

    They say that they are non-profit though not registered, then they do fundraisers for 'good causes', but use funds from these events to buy new ghost hunting equipment, while dodging paying taxes. {Hat Tip to John S}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    I Are Filmmaker

    I am film maker. I haz camera. I left lens cap on.

    They videotape/video record most of their activities which obviously makes them filmakers. {Hat Tip to Our Own Sue!}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    My associate is MORE than qualified! Look at the old chewing gum!!!

    "You KNOW you can trust us! Look at these people we pay to be our friend! Look at the old chewing gum on their star!"

    They link their name to a group that has a syndicated television show in an attempt to leech from their 'fame' and 'reputation'. {Hat Tip to Heather M}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    The World

    World's Most Haunted because F%ck Yeah! America!

    They have lists of most haunted places in the world which are entirely American-centric and use websites from the late 90s as references... and include known hoax sites as legitimate. {Hat Tip Stu F}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    OH! It's too light to see anything! Put that window out!

    "Crap! Cover that window! It's too bright to see in here!"

    They spend thousands of dollars of fancy cameras to see in the dark just so you can say "okay, let's go lights out". {Hat Tip to Darren B}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    The Scientific Method is I am Right!

    "The scientific method is as follows. Question. Statement. My Statement. My Statement is Right. I play with cool gadgets. See? Perfect method!"

    They say they use science... but seemingly don't understand the scientific method. {An addition from myself...}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    You can always tell a pro...

    She's hiding a tape recorder for EVP capture in her bustier.

    Despite enormous evidence to the contrary, they still believe cemeteries at night are hot beds of paranormal activity that they investigate... or, more realistically, visit to do 'cool' photo and video shoots at to show how cool and brave they are. {An addition from myself...}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    Wash - Rinse - Repeat

    "It's like a magic success maker! Just do this formula and you'll earn enough to buy friends and be famous!"

    They believe that regurgitating the reality television formula of filming them at their exciting investigations and showing their scientific and/or psychical abilities (or as we call it, "Wash, Rinse, Repeat",) will be riveting to the masses and a sure-fire recipe for fame, fortune, and friends. {An addition from myself...}

    Spacebar! I'll have a Martian martini!

    My dream is you find another history and culture to blame, jackass.

    "My real dream is that one day, you'll find someone elses history and culture to crap on in a weak attempt to scare people."

    They find or know of more native/aboriginal/first nations sacred burial grounds* then most native/aboriginal/first nations people... and all of them are cursed in some fashion. {An addition from myself...}

    * - ...and/or ancient ley lines.

    Space! The Final Frontier!

    OCTOBER 22nd 2012 ADDITION (from Matthew again...)


    Ima STARR!

    Everything they are involved with is labeled/titled/described as either "The Most..." or "The Famous...".


    Space! The Final Frontier!

    OCTOBER 26th 2012 ADDITION (from Matthew again...)

    Conveniently Scary BOO!

    Their home/business/workplace/favourite pub or hang-out (or usually all of those places,) is OF COURSE and very conveniently massively haunted... even if there wasn't a single report prior to them "finding" or visiting the spot.
    Space! The Final Frontier!

    I hope this list is useful... and you enjoyed it... and we entreat EVERYONE to share it and consider adding to it... and yes, of course, if you wanted to say... oh, I don't know, add in a bit about pedantic pompous weenies who make lists like this, that's cool... I'd be a complete ninny if I could dish it out without taking it!

    ...just BE HONEST and it's all good!

    This Is The End My Only Friend

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