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    Weird Wednesday...With Chris Laursen

    Historian Chris Laursen reviews a documentary aired on British television last Hallowe’en about the ghosts that haunt the London Underground, including an inexplicable photo that may be connected to the man accused of murdering Charles Lindbergh’s young… more »


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    Weird Wednesday...With Chris Laursen

    This week, historian Chris Laursen reviews the Fortean Times’ retrospective on 60 years of UFOs in popular culture. UFO:60 by Chris Laursen I remember a dream I had once when I was a teenager. In it, I drew apart my curtains and looked out of… more »


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    Weird Wednesday...With Chris Laursen

    On the first Weird Wednesday of each month, Chris Laursen reviews exceptional films, television series, visual arts and music that have imaginative paranormal themes. In this instalment, he looks at a classy old-fashioned ghost story brought to the… more »


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    Weird Wednesday...With Chris Laursen

    “By feeling disillusioned, you risk giving up in regard to a course of action at a time when it is about to reach a breakthrough. It’s crucial to stay with your objectives. An attractive option is coming your way.” - Capricorn horoscope for July… more »


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    Weird Wednesday...With Chris Laursen

    This week, historian Chris Laursen takes a light-hearted look at the first haunted buildings he visited when he lived in Edmonton in his home province of Alberta, Canada in 1992. There must be more to ghosts than this by Chris Laursen Fifteen… more »

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