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    Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

    According To Bob Lazar, famous ufo personality, the 3 balls on the bottom are antigravity engines UFO photo? I do not know about you, but to me it looks like a Panama Straw Hat, with some type of fabric band. You know the type I mean, you see them a… more »


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    Where Is Weird Wednesday?

    Regular readers of this blog will know that each Wednesday for almost a full year now our dear friend, and colleague Chris Laursen has been writing the Weird Wednesday feature. This past week Chris has started back to school, and while he transitions… more »


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    Weird Wednesday…With Chris Laursen

    On the first Weird Wednesday of each month, Chris Laursen reviews exceptional films, television series, visual arts and music that have imaginative paranormal themes. He introduces us this week to an all-girl new wave band who in 1982 did a very catchy… more »


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    Weird Wednesday…With Chris Laursen

    Last year, Chris Laursen worked with television producer Sarah Kapoor (who made the three-part CBC Television series Past Life Investigation in 2004) on a radio pilot called Welcome to the Unknown. They are providing Paranormal Blog with a documentary… more »


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    Weird Wednesday...With Chris Laursen

    This week, historian Chris Laursen offers some tips on how to find excellent books on the paranormal. Finding the best information on paranormal research by Chris Laursen It is essential for anyone interested in paranormal research read as much… more »

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