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      10:51:24 am, by Sue   , 157 words  
    Categories: UFO & Aliens

    Clayton Ontario UFO Report

    Clayton Ontario February 4th 2009 9:15pm My wife and I just witnessed a brightly burning object heading west over Clayton Lake.We live on the southeast shore and watched a light which seemed to change from white to red on the other side of the lake… more »


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    Categories: UFO & Aliens, Mysteries

    Native Crop Circle Account

    A recently found Native account, "The Daughters of the Star," in the book Thirty Indian Legends of Canada (first published in 1912), includes the mention of a hunter finding a flattened ring in prairie grass; similar to other old accounts in legends… more »
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    Categories: UFO & Aliens

    Follow Up To Go Home Lake UFO Report

    Go Home Lake, Ontario UFO Report Early-1990s I saw your article regarding go home lake Ontario. I was talking to my neighbor the other day. And he had a story regarding that lake. 16 yrs ago he and his father and 2 other men were fishing cat fish off a… more »


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    Loon Lake British Columbia UFO Report

    In summer 2002,an elderly woman, believed murdered by her Son, went missing in the Loon Lake Resort area near Clinton, BC. Myself, 4 other members of BC Search & Rescue (SAR) and a member of the RCMP were camped at the eastern end of the lake. At… more »


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    Categories: UFO & Aliens

    Speaking Of Great Book Choices

    I came across this gem while surfing the net over the past few days as well. The 4th Annual Boa: Audio Holiday Special features one of the heavyweights of UFO research, Stanton Friedman, the "Father of Modern Day UFOlogy." Friedman's recently released… more »

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