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    The Atlantic UFO Conference February 15-17

    Its been some years since the Northeast hosted a major UFO conference, but next month will see a major effort to fill that void. The Atlantic UFO Conference is, as is often the case, the result of a small group of people working very hard to create a… more »


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    Out of The Blue DVD Given To Danish Parliament

    With the recent NPC (National Press Club Press Conference) & Larry King shows still fresh in peoples minds, Exopolitics Denmark is striking while the iron is still hot and (Exopolitics Denmark) has just delivered a copy of, “Out Of The Blue – The… more »


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    Huge Silent UFO Startles Texas Town

    I was sent an article on this mass UFO sighting this very morning, and I admit to be very intrigued. Here is a snippet from a Canadian newspaper: STEPHENVILLE, Tex. — In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies,… more »


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    Parliamentary Disclosure Project: Ottawa 2008

    PARLIAMENTARY DISCLOSURE PROJECT: OTTAWA 2008 Exopolitics Toronto and its supporters are preparing for a major political event in Ottawa in the early part of 2008. This event will involve all Members of Parliament in Canada and the Senate. Journalists… more »


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    Dan Akroyd Hosts: Evidence - The case for NASA UFOs

    “The deepest investigation ever made about some breakthrough footage that was filmed by NASA.” “This footage records high numbers of disc shaped objects, ambiguously classified, and until now, unidentifiable as any known phenomenon.” This blunt and… more »

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