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    Categories: UFO & Aliens

    Nuclear Generating Power Plants & UFOs

    If you are interested in UFOs and their relation to being reported in the vicinity of power plants you will want to surf on over to the website, and check out the front page story of yet another Pickering Nuclear Generating Station… more »


    Our Legacy & Our Big Secret

    After a decade of doing this study, I have had more enemies and more people trying to figure out our "angle" then you can possibly believe. What's sad is, as opposed to asking, they just make suppositions... They assume we're trying to make a fortune… more »


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    Happy Simcoe Day

    Happy Simcoe Day Ontario! I am coming out of hiatus so to speak so that I can quickly wish you all a safe & happy holiday! In honour of this day I will write about the first documented Canadian UFO report from a person of European descent. The… more »


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    Vintage UFO Report - Elmira Ontario June 1996

    UFO Details Report: I saw a UFO many years ago in the summer time one day.I was in the house and my mother came up and got me ,she was frantic? and wanted me to see it with my own eyes. What I and a few other people saw was a Diamond shaped craft in… more »


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    UFO Report Georgian Bay July 19th 2008

    Our witness writes: Was up at my cabin near Britt Ontario located on Georgian Bay with my brother in law on Saturday July 19. Around 10.15 PM my brother in law asked me if the bright light in the sky was a star. The very bright object was moving west… more »

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