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    Doors Open Toronto 2014 You've Come A Long Way Baby

    It has been a long time since I've written anything for this blog. Its not that I'm suffering a paranormal burn-out, but more to do with life getting in the way of hobby. I hope to change that in the coming weeks, and contribute more to both this blog… more »


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    Power House of Terror - Etobicoke Ontario

    This looks like a lot of fun! And adjacent to one of the most reported haunts in all of the GTA.....a portion of all of the proceeds goes to charity. The attraction is open now and was featured on Breakfast Television this morning. "The Power House,… more »


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    Doors Open Toronto May 28th - 29th

    This coming weekend May 28th-29th is a perfect opportunity to visit some of Toronto's most historic, and unique locations! There are 150 buildings to visit (some not normally open to the public) and admission is absolutely FREE! Some of the featured… more »


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    Where Should I Go If I Want To Ghost Hunt?

    Generally speaking, where are the best places for amateur ghost hunters to conduct a hunt? Where ghosts are experienced of course! Don't laugh........ It's amazing how many people go to places they assume are haunted based on things like Hollywood or… more »


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    When A Museum Is A Tourist Destination

    (This is a LENGTHY post... but if you want, you can skip to the bottom and read the end question...) I got into it recently with a fellow on Facebook who was horrified that The Ontario Science Centre was being used as the venue for a Harry Potter… more »

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