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    TED bows to the bullying tactics of The Church of Non-Belief...

    BOYCOTT TED if you enjoy challenging conversation and thought. TED talks, I was reliably told, were about getting people to talk, think, and look at things in new ways... ...of course, this is NOT the case if those views don't jive with The Church o… more »


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    Matthew Didier's Somewhat Illustrated Guide to Sceptics

    Note: If you don't read the following with the knowledge that it's somewhat of a parody and tinged with more than a little bit of truth combined with snark and humour, you will be missing the point. (The mere fact that I need to include this prelude is… more »


    One Falsehood...

    One Falsehood Spoils a Thousand Truths. - Ashanti Wisdom Allow me to start this post with a situational metaphor of sorts... Have you ever known someone who's significant other has cheated on them... even just once? Have you known that relationship… more »


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    Forests of Mystery - Scam or Viral Advertising... Either way, do better guys!

    We get e-mail! Oh yes we do! More often than not, it's nice people telling us about their experiences or nice people putting forward a hypothesis... sometimes not so nice people telling us where to jam it for one reason or another. Then, there's… more »

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