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    It doesn't all have to be bad...

    I wrote this article to discuss the possibility of doing media interviews and projects that are good... and as usual, the bad (once remembered) ended up making me write more of a rant... Well, I'm-a-keepin' the rant (you'll see it below the break-line… more »


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    Sorry - They're probably not really your friend.

    This is a personal rant... an editorial... and it's mine alone, Matthew Didier, and is posted on this blog as it is indeed my personal thoughts and beliefs.  You may not share my views, and that's fine... but perhaps this will make you understand me a… more »


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    The Bestest Most Biggest Most Wonderfullest Most Popular Most Wahoo Ghost Person in the UNIVERSE~!!~! (With the most experience to boot!)

    I'm ticked. I know, you're shocked... ...and I admit, the object of my grumpiness is nothing new... even to a degree on my personal blog... (although the first link there is more to the point.) I don't want to go through the "Ins and Outs" of what… more »


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    Journalistic Ethics 101

    I will not link to this drivel... because I won't give the site any extra hits... Suffice to say, go to... ...for a screen shot. Paul McLaughlin, an apparent bastion of journalistic integrity matched only by… more »


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    Sunday Smackdown People Who Do Not Read Nor Use Common Sense

    Four, yes that is four, separate emails came in this week asking for exact addresses, and one for email or contact information for all of the people who have ever contacted us from a specific area. This despite that we have clearly put up the… more »

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