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    Old Sci-Fi Channel Posters

    I thought these were too funny! I'm not certain the source because they were sent with a bunch of others via an email, but I thought they were too great not to share. I'd love to have these hanging in my living-room. Thank you for stopping by.… more »


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    The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come

    A classic Christmas image from 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. Illustration by John Leech. One of my favourite stories of all time at this time of year, and always. Thank you for stopping by. Please note that this entry is for both the… more »


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    Movies and Books About Poltergeists

    This is a research request from Canadian historian Chris Laursen, and I thought I might be able to help him out a bit by blogging about it here. What movies, novels, short stories, poems, art, etc. do you know that depicts poltergeists - or RSPK… more »


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    More Most Haunted Rubbish

    Have I told you lately how much I loathe the TV show Most in case there is any doubts I think it is the worst show depicting the paranormal ever! Yes, legitimate investigators of the paranormal were somewhat vindicated when an… more »


    "You Can't Prove a Negative"

    One of our strongest arguments in the case for the paranormal is simply one of You asked us to prove what has been witnessed or experienced happened, why not prove how it could not have happened as well? Basically, the onus is on any claim to produce… more »

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