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    The History Of Mediumship and the Cinema

    Late last week I spent a pleasant afternoon discussing all things paranormal in the company of my friend and colleague Canadian historian Chris Laursen. In the Fall Chris will be moving out to BC to begin work on his ph.d and he will be sorely missed… more »


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    History of a Haunting

    History of a Haunting: ANOTHER Media Letdown Before Production Even Starts... Tori Spelling was interviewed on The View a while back... she laughed when people seemed genuinely not to realise that most "Reality TV Programming" is scripted.… more »


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    Is Doctor Who Behind Rise in British UFO Reports?

    Dr. Who spin-off Torchwood Science fiction and fantasy dramas like Doctor Who and Torchwood may be behind a rise in UFO sightings in built up areas of Wales, an expert has said. Here is a snippet from the BBC: Nick Pope, the Ministry of Defence's… more »


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    SCI FI and the Paranormal

    I am a fan of a fiction style known widely as "Science Fiction". I enjoy it because it mixes fantasy with reality... what "could be" or even "might be". Most sci-fi writers stay up-to-date on science in one way or another and tend to use what's… more »


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    Scary Predictions

    This past weekend the kid saw the new Nick Cage film Knowing, which is about an astro-physicist who knows the world will be ending, but cannot stop it. This sparked a talk on predictions, and the ending of the Maya Calender in 2012 around the dinner tab… more »

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