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      12:15:01 pm, by Sue   , 154 words  
    Categories: Pop Culture & The Paranormal

    Late Night TV Movies

    I was up very late the other night suffering a bout with insomnia, and ended up watching the movie Three Men, and A Baby. It had been years since I saw it, and while it is ok it is more memorable to me because of the ghostly folklore attached to it. If… more »


      08:46:58 am, by Sue   , 310 words  
    Categories: Ghosts & Hauntings, Pop Culture & The Paranormal

    Is It A Ghost Or Is It The House Itself?

    Beautiful Dunsmuir House pictured above is located on a 50 acre estate in Oakland, California. The house was built in 1899 by Alexander Dunsmuir for his new bride, but tragically he died before it was completed so never got to share it with her.… more »


      08:47:10 am, by Sue   , 136 words  
    Categories: UFO & Aliens, Pop Culture & The Paranormal

    I Know What I Saw - The Official Trailer

    This looks like it is going to be must-see viewing for UFO enthusiasts, and those just interested in this fascinating topic. Have a look at the trailer. The movie’s web site states, “Air Force Generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots,… more »


      08:44:02 am, by Sue   , 74 words  
    Categories: News and News Items, Ghosts & Hauntings, Pop Culture & The Paranormal

    Michael Jackson Ghost At Neverland

    Is Michael Jackson's ghost or spirit now haunting his beloved Neverland Ranch? That is what I believe this video clip is being used to ask. It was originally posted to our PSICAN message board by one of our long time friend, and investigator. She adds… more »


      10:13:26 am, by Sue   , 183 words  
    Categories: Pop Culture & The Paranormal

    Being Human

    I recently had the pleasure of watching a brand new television series out of Britain called Being Human. The show is about a vampire, and a werewolf who work as hospital orderlies (were else would you expect to find a werewolf, and vampire working?)… more »

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