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    Psychic Abilities & Professional Psychics

    I genuinely believe that there are people who have psychic abilities, or gifts, and have met a few that have astounded me with tangible predictions that were verifiable...none of them to date were professional psychics and each said the information they… more »


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    Extreme Paranormal Extreme Stupidity

    "This is the most disgusting stupid misinformed dangerous and down right obnoxious tv show I have ever had the worst luck to watch Not only have they insulted the paranormal community by their antics, but they have placed a lot of people in danger."… more »


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    National Geographic & Crop Circle Research

    Great write-up and letter from Nancy Talbot of BLT Research who expresses serious concerns with a National Geographic project. Read Article Here I can state from personal experience with National Geographic that I sadly, and reluctantly turned down (I… more »


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    RIP Patrick Swayze

    It was with much sadness that I learned of the death of Patrick Swayze of pancreatic cancer yesterday. Not only was he a beacon of hope for my Mother who died from the same illness last month, but he was also a fine actor, and dancer in my opinion. In… more »
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    True Horror

    I am reminded this morning of something Stephen King said in regards to "true horror." I cannot recall the exact quote, but it goes something along the lines of true horror is not a spooky old mansion, with gothic furniture, on a dark, and stormy night.… more »

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