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    BCGHRS Featured On Ghost Hunters International

    Our sister group in British Columbia the BCGHRS is being featured in an upcoming episode of the paranormal realty-ish tv show Ghost Hunters International, which is a spin-off of the US Ghost Hunters show. The location being investigated is the Hells… more »


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    English Ghosts

    I am currently reading The English Ghost: Spectres Through Time by Peter Ackroyd (no relation to actor Dan who spells his name differently) It's definitely a not a bad collection of ghostly and haunting reports and interesting to see how the English… more »


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    From The Paranormal To Redemption

    Many of our readers here are probably familiar with the Canadian tv series Creepy Canada. For those who are not so familiar with the show, it was featured on the Travel channel and visited reportedly haunted sites and locations around the country. I… more »


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    HAPPY 2012! 7th Annual Not-Very Accurate PREDICTIONS THREAD IS LIVE!

    PSICAN MESSAGE BOARD DENIZENS! The 7th Annual Not-Very Accurate PREDICTIONS THREAD IS LIVE! You have to be a member (FREE TO JOIN! - VIP code is 1967) to see or participate in it... and there are links to the past six in the thread so you can see my… more »


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    My Hopes Are Not High But

    MovieWeb wrote: The supernatural thriller from Dark Castle starts when frightening events start to occur in young couple Kelly (Ashley Greene) and Ben's (Sebastian Stan) home, they discover they are being haunted by a presence that was accidentally… more »

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