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    A Paranormal Researcher Looks At The Case in The Movie "The Ring"

    Nota Bella: "The Ring" and the excellent Japanese predecessor, Ringu (dir. Hideo Nakata, 1998) which it is based on are works of absolute fiction and this is a semi-tongue in cheek look at "the case" that would come from it from a paranormal… more »


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    Weird Wednesday...With Chris Laursen

    On the first Weird Wednesday of each month, Chris Laursen will add reviews of exceptional films, television series, visual arts and music that have imaginative paranormal themes. He commences this monthly review by writing about an animated Japanese… more »


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    Soundtrack for Paranormal Researchers

    (Go on, click the image above...and you'll hear the organ from the film...I dare ya!) One of our regular readers on the PSICAN forums posted the following: "This is totally meant as a fun post. I'm a bit of a music fan and I was thinking of songs with… more »


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    Sunday Smackdown..."I Want To Be A Dork"

    Not so much a smackdown as more of a personal disappointment perhaps. In a CNN interview entitled "I Want To Be A Dork" Jennifer Love Hewitt star of the hit TV series Ghost Whisperer admits she doesn't really believe in mediumship. I do not expect… more »


    Ghostly Thirteen - Celebrity Ghosts

    Based on the concept of the Blogoshere's Thursday Thirteen .. Andrea of Ghost Stories has begun something very similar that is paranormal related only. And since we are a Paranormal Blog we thought it would be fun to participate again! The following is… more »

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