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    Categories: Paranormal - Raves, Investigations, Ghosts & Hauntings, Pop Culture & The Paranormal

    Ghost Whisperer Takes On For Profit Psychics

    Did anyone else watch this past Friday's episode of Ghost Whisperer where Melinda takes on a "for profit psychic" and explains how many are charlatans who rip people off? When I saw it my first thought was yayyyy!!!!! Then I had to ask are the… more »


      12:27:01 pm, by Sue   , 114 words  
    Categories: Pop Culture & The Paranormal

    The Ghosts Of Motley Hall

    This gentle children's classic from the 1970's was about a group of ghosts from differing eras all co-existing "haunting" Motley Hall. Although it was aimed at kids paranormal enthusiasts will enjoy it for the encounters that the likeable ghosts have… more »


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    Wordless Wednesday - Halloween

    Halloween - Rob Zombie-style. I have not seen it yet, but since the original is one of my favourite horror films of all time (I still think Jamie-Lee is a goddess) I am looking forward to viewing this one. And I dis actually enjoy the House of 1,000… more »


      12:47:01 pm, by Sue   , 54 words  
    Categories: Pop Culture & The Paranormal

    Seems Like A Dream......

    One of my fave UFOlogists/UFO witness sent me this video clip this morning, and I must admit I have been toe tapping ever since... It's a fun song with definite paranormal overtones. What are your fave paranormal themed songs? I'm always looking to… more »


      01:28:28 pm, by Sue   , 211 words  
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    What Next - Corporate Crop Circles?

    Green Peace has certainly found an interesting way of getting their message out in regards to the labeling of genetically modified food - something by the way that I do personally agree with. Here is a snippet: In the middle of the night Tuesday,… more »

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