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    Sunday Smackdown - UFO Hunters

    Well, we've been hearing about the two new competing programs for the "new UFO reality craze" that's sweeping American cable channels... UFO Hunters is one... Alien Hunters is the other on a competing network. These are probably being driven by the… more »


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    Cher In Las Vegas 2008

    Cher during Living Proof: The Farewell Tour I have always loved and respected Cher as an entertainer, and more so as a human being. I guess in part I have always been fond of her because she strikes me as a highly spiritual person, and also because I… more »
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    Rest In Peace Vampira

    It was with sadness that I read of the passing of Vampira aka Maila Nurmi on January 10th. Vampira best known for her role in Plan 9 from Outer Space was extremely influential. She has had many black leather lingerie wearing imitators over the years ( I… more »


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    Wordless Wednesday - "Tuesday Edition"

    Laserdisc cover of the first Poltergeist film. I have to admit as far as fun, fictional ghost films go the Poltergeist trilogy is one of my faves. What are your favourite ghost movies? Happy Wordless Wednesday - Tuesday Edition, and thank you for… more »


    The Bullsh_t Detective

    British TV Series "The Bullsh_t Detective" on "TV Ghost Hunters"... Spirit mediums Goldy, Philip Holden, Kevin Wade are taken to task for what appears to be "cheating" during a ghost investigation, in fact psychic Goldy admits to it in the clip… more »

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