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    It doesn't all have to be bad...

    I wrote this article to discuss the possibility of doing media interviews and projects that are good... and as usual, the bad (once remembered) ended up making me write more of a rant... Well, I'm-a-keepin' the rant (you'll see it below the break-line… more »


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    Pseudo Science... or How Media Gave a Young Boy Pseudo-Diabetes and Pseudo-Cancer

    When I was a very young lad, there was a television commercial about diabetes and the symptoms one might have if they were diabetic. Watching the commercial, I was certain that these symptoms were almost all present in me. My doctor disagreed, but I fe… more »


    What are you doing skulking in that haunted basement?

    First Question: Why do ghost hunters work at night? Joke Answer: Because they have day jobs. (Thank you Dr. Darryl Walsh...) Dumb Hollywood Answer: Because EVERYONE knows ghosts haunt only during the NIGHT because of ______! (Fill in the blank abov… more »
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    Okay, the good news is that I believe Sylvia Browne is bad... but you're not helping things, Mr. Randi...

    I remember when I was learning about my trade, computers, and my instructor would come up beside me, put his hand on my shoulder, lean in to the board or system I was working on, and say... "Boy, are you stupid. You are an absolute twit. You don't kno… more »


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    Sorry - They're probably not really your friend.

    This is a personal rant... an editorial... and it's mine alone, Matthew Didier, and is posted on this blog as it is indeed my personal thoughts and beliefs.  You may not share my views, and that's fine... but perhaps this will make you understand me a… more »

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