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    Socially Paranormal

    I'm not at all friendly.  I'm horrid, hateful, and generally disrespectful.  I mistreat people and am a very angry and stupid man.  I've been told all these things... usually more than once every couple of months, by people via social media. My mother… more »


    What are you doing skulking in that haunted basement?

    First Question: Why do ghost hunters work at night? Joke Answer: Because they have day jobs. (Thank you Dr. Darryl Walsh...) Dumb Hollywood Answer: Because EVERYONE knows ghosts haunt only during the NIGHT because of ______! (Fill in the blank abov… more »


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    Danger Keep Out Its Not Just A Sign

    Why do people break into condemned and empty buildings looking for ghosts? We know that statistically ghosts are just as likely to be found at a busy shopping mall, or a brand new condo as an older building. Do people really think surviving conscious (i… more »


    For me, Energy is not REALLY a dirty word in the paranormal...

    People grab many paintbrushes with me... and some bother me more than others, and bring out a passion.  One of them is so tiny on the grand stage of things, you'd almost wonder why I makes me so depressed... It's not those people that somehow think I'v… more »

    Stand Back - I'm About to Meme-List!

    T'is All Hallow's Eve Time... and I could go on and on about the usual media mayhem, but I've done that already and YES, it has continued as expected. (Oh, and Ryerson media students... yes, your classmates have contacted us already and no, we're not av… more »

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