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    'Tis Halloween Season!

    Note: It's with some regret, key word "some" as it's not completely with regret as you'll see, that this blog - as of November 1st, 2014 - will be more or less left as an archive with no new posts added to it and the comments section shut down. This is… more »


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    Feeling The Energy

      Being a student of the subjects discussed within this blog I have encountered many people who describe a component of their experience as a "psychic energy" or simply as an energy. This is of course of intriguing as energy is something we can measure.… more »


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    UFOs and Books at the Pub

                    <p><img src="/blog/media/spacer.jpg" alt="" /></p> more »


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    The Missing Seven Hours Updated

    I first wrote about David Haisell's The Missing Seven Hours for this blog back in 2006. It was an entry entitled I Love Used Book Stores and I was so excited to have found a copy of his book. The original had been out of print for quite some time, and… more »


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    Happy Friday The 13th

    Members of the Eccentric Club of London at their annual Friday the 13th lunch in 1936 – surrounded by objects that are connected with superstitions. Friday the 13th has never bothered me, in fact my own parents were married on a Friday the thirteenth.… more »

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