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    Happy Mother's Day!

    I built this image for the PSICAN Facebook group, but figured I should share it here as well... ...and once we put it together, I realised something... SOMEWHERE, out there, reading this RIGHT NOW... someone who calls themselves a sceptic (who really… more »


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    Canadian Legal Services

    It has come to my attention that one of our fellow paranormal enthusiasts may be in need of, or looking for, a Canadian legal service that offers Canada specific information online. This person, who I won't name in a public blog has had some financial d… more »


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    The Average Person

    See the above crowd? Most of 'em don't give a fig about ghosts... 'cept on Halloween.   A long while back, on another Ontario message board, I pointed out that investigators, researchers, and indeed even ghost hunters feeling the “other people” in… more »


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    Thanks You For Your Patience

    As some of you may have noticed we have been updating this blog, and trying to work out a solution to the spam problem within our comments. We do know that people really loathe Capchta, (we do too) but unfortunately it is the only solution we could come… more »


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    CommentsTemporarily Disabled

    Due to a very high volume of spammers in our comments section of late, we have unfortunately had to disable this function for now. This will be temporary measure as we look at different anti-spam options, and decide which would be best for our readers,… more »

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