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    Goodbye! See you on the websites!

    Note: It's with some regret, key word "some" as it's not completely with regret as you'll see, that this blog - as of November 1st, 2014 - will be more or less left as an archive with no new posts added to it and the comments section shut down. This is… more »


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    October of 2014 - Media Information

    Sorry, but we will not be taking any media request for any company, group, or individual this Halloween season. Although we appreciate hearing from the media, it is not something we will be pursuing in the near or foreseeable future regardless of the… more »


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    Cropping the Burnt Bagel

    In early 1999, a person sent us a photograph that they were sure was proof-positive of the paranormal. It showed a pleasant looking woman with a cup of coffee in front of her in a kitchen... but near her was a mysterious "mist" hovering around... This,… more »


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    Deep breath - It's over...

    For those that are reading this... or finished my last rant... thanks for sticking it out past "ghost season"!  You guys, the ones that are as interested in the subject in early May as you are in October are the ones that usually are the greatest contri… more »


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    Asked and Answered: Where do I go to see a ghost?

    Welcome to Pandering to the Media et al 102... in which the next most common question we get at this time is where does one actually go to see a "real ghosts".  I must caveat there with the words (in scary quotes,) "real ghosts" as the absolute best pla… more »

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