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      07:25:04 pm, by Sue   , 100 words  
    Categories: Crypto & Mythical Creatures

    Something Different

    I had a lot of fun this past week revisiting an old case that I first wrote about over 10 years ago. It involves an odd "cryptozoological" report that occurred in Toronto in the late 1970's dubbed the "Toronto Tunnel Monster." You can read about it on… more »


      04:33:19 pm, by Matthew   , 536 words  
    Categories: Ghosts & Hauntings, Crypto & Mythical Creatures

    Happy Halloween! It's been a mercifully quiet one for us so far...

    It's been a quiet Hallowe'en on the ghostly front this year... and mercifully so! Usually, around this time, we're absolutely inundated with media requests and people wanting to "join up" and become ghost hunters or the like for the "Hallowe'en… more »


    One Falsehood...

    One Falsehood Spoils a Thousand Truths. - Ashanti Wisdom Allow me to start this post with a situational metaphor of sorts... Have you ever known someone who's significant other has cheated on them... even just once? Have you known that relationship… more »


      08:32:00 am, by Sue   , 102 words  
    Categories: Crypto & Mythical Creatures

    When will we have definitive proof for Bigfoot?

    Will it ever be? Or do you think proof for the existence of a Bigfoot creature already exists? In the past year serious research into reports of these creatures has been slightly effected as far as the general populous thinks of it because of hoaxes, ho… more »


      11:36:03 am, by Sue   , 65 words  
    Categories: Crypto & Mythical Creatures, Wordless Wednesday

    Fish Face

    A fish with a human face is making waves in South Korea. The 'humanoid' carp are attracting attention in the town of Chongju, South Korea according to this weird news item. Thank you for stopping by. Please note that this entry is for both the… more »

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