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    Goodbye! See you on the websites!


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    Goodbye! See you on the websites!

    Note: It's with some regret, key word "some" as it's not completely with regret as you'll see, that this blog - as of November 1st, 2014 - will be more or less left as an archive with no new posts added to it and the comments section shut down. This is because many of the articles in here really should have been put on one of the websites (one of the three Sue and I ultimately look after... Sue's ParaResearchers, my Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts, and our PSICAN site,) as opposed to here for easier access and searching.  The smaller posts and items are pretty much going to be posted to the Facebook pages or groups. (The PSICAN page, the PSICAN group, the Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts page, and the ParaResearchers page.)  We are sorry for those that like the blog format, but we just felt it was time for a change and it will allow better search-ability and overall access to some of the notes we write. We hope you'll check in on our Facebook and Websites as you can.

    Day is done, Gone the sun...


    Calling this the "last post" is rather over-dramatic... because it isn't.

    We will be continuing to post information and notes on our websites...

    PSICAN.org - ParaResearchers.org - Torontoghosts.org

    ...and we will be maintaining our Facebook presences...

    PSICAN group

    PSICAN page

    ParaResearchers page

    Torontoghosts page

    ...but mostly focusing on our websites and work there.

    Sue and I have had a lot of fun, laughs, frustration, anger, giggles, general 'moments', and memories writing in this blog and reading the responses, and the posts et al will stand as is in an archive for anyone to visit...

    Our focuses will be shifting to the websites for the long-term foreseeable future, and we do hope you'll pop by those or the Facbook offerings as you can.

    So, from Sue and myself, goodbye Paranormal Blog... we will miss you...

    ...but we're still busy in our fields and we will still be writing!

    All the very, very best to you all!


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    The entries found on this blog are based on the thoughts and discussions of Sue Demeter-St Clair and Matthew James Didier....two paranormal investigators/researchers based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The blog is now archived, but will remain online for those interested in reading it. Please have a look for us via these websites:

    The Ghosts and Hauntings Research Societies, Paranormal Studies & Investigations Canada - PSICAN, and Pararesearchers of Ontario We are also members and supporters of The Society of Psychical Research, and the Institute of Noetic Sciences

    Pages We Contribute To On Facebook

    Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada on Facebook

    Toronto and Ontario Ghosts on Facebook

    ParaResearchers of Ontario on Facebook

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    Thank you to all of our regular blog readers for your support throughout the last eight years! We appreciate it And while comments will now be closed on the individual posts, feel free to contact us through our continuing websites as listed above.


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