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    'Tis Halloween Season!


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    'Tis Halloween Season!

    Note: It's with some regret, key word "some" as it's not completely with regret as you'll see, that this blog - as of November 1st, 2014 - will be more or less left as an archive with no new posts added to it and the comments section shut down. This is because many of the articles in here really should have been put on one of the websites (one of the three Sue and I ultimately look after... Sue's ParaResearchers, my Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts, and our PSICAN site,) as opposed to here for easier access and searching.  The smaller posts and items are pretty much going to be posted to the Facebook pages or groups. (The PSICAN page, the PSICAN group, the Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts page, and the ParaResearchers page.)  We are sorry for those that like the blog format, but we just felt it was time for a change and it will allow better search-ability and overall access to some of the notes we write. We hope you'll check in on our Facebook and Websites as you can.


    You take these things seriously, right?

    I mean, you weren't going to sully and darken my study of ghosts and hauntings, a study which looks into experiences that often shake and bother people who have them, and make them into a laugh-fest {giggle-factor} festival with Halloween and it's silly sheet-wearing ghosts and jump-scares and the like?

    You wouldn't mock those experients who are upset and nervous with jokes about ghosts and silly decorations around your home to make fun of these things or "amuse" yourself, would you?



    Welcome to the season in which all investigators and researchers should cut loose and give in to the more sublime (read: fun!) aspects of ghosts and hauntings... not to mention werewolves, zombies, and other assorted stuff like that.

    I whole-heartedly admit to being a stickler for taking things seriously and making sure things are on the up-and-up when presenting information and data about reported hauntings and the like... and the reason for that is the giggle factor.

    In a very small nutshell, the giggle factor is when people laugh or mock people that say they have had ghostly experiences... and we've all seen it happen.  Someone starts telling their story and some moron has to step up and go, "Wooooo! I'm a ghost!!! I'm SCARING you!!!" or the like, making fun of their tale.  This also gives fodder to some to suppress and avoid legitimate studies into these experiences as they worry about being a laughing stock.  In many ways, the non-believers (who usually self-identify as sceptics, although scepticism means doubt, not non-belief so they're wrong,) love the Hollywoodisation and laughing material about the kooky weirdos that believe in or, worse yet, have an experience with something they think is a ghost.  That keeps haunted sites from letting people in to look around and ask questions, because they don't want to be a joke... and funding through academia on these things isn't going to happen as long as we're all (from the crap ghost hunters to legitimate folklorists and researchers/investigators,) lumped in with the late Don Knotts' Mr. Chicken. (Go on, click the image below... dare ya!)


    THAT SAID, this is the exception... because the culture is so pervasive that now is the time to absolutely clutch that skull-headed, sheet-wearing apparition (made of plastic and usually playing the generic "scary sound" noise,) and give 'em a big ol' hug!


    It's even time for thrill seekers to have their moment... legally of course!  Many places at offering lantern lit ghost tours (in the dark!) and there's a plethora of pop-up haunted rides and places to visit for a good jump scare or two.

    Now is also the time that usually the reality-ish crap about the paranormal on teevee takes a back seat to better things like documentaries on dark history with loads of nasty things from our legitimate past like the machinations of Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia who's better known as Vlad the Impaler, or Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, better known as Elizabeth Báthory who, if you look into her, you'll recognise the source of a lot of horror films to name some bloody ones... though Ivan the Terrible's stuff is what chills my blood. There's also ghost documentaries, covering old territory usually, but still I personally love to see new looks about the ghost at The Tower of London or Whaley House.

    Sure, these are the elevated things for eggheads like me (and perhaps you,) but this is also the season for a lot of horror fiction to come to the fore with movies, shows, and all sorts of entertaining goodies... and even eggheads need a good Steven King film that's not about prison life!


    Now, with the knowledge that I'm not paid to do this (and I'm not,) allow me to recommend some places to visit on or before October 31st... and sorry to be Toronto-centric, but that is home for me. 

    Of course, in Toronto proper, you can try to see if there's any openings for a potential ghost tour through Muddy York Tours.

    There are also tours of Kingston, Ottawa, and indeed, even Toronto again through Haunted Walks

    Old Fort York in Toronto is offering lantern tours for the season...

    ...as is Old Fort Erie in (well, of course,) Fort Erie.

    Still one of my personal faves is Old Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake which is a gorgeous trip on a fall day.

    ...and there are many others I'm remiss at not listing, but I implore you to "Google" your town's/city's names and ghost tours and see what pops up!  I also welcome anyone reading this who knows of any tours or the like to post them in the comments section of this post. 

    BOOK EARLY for all Halloween ghost tours!  They tend to fill up FAST and way ahead of time!

    ...and finally, although it's a retail outlet, STRONG recommendation to visit The Amazing Party Store's main shop just South of the QEW. It's an experience! (No, this is NOT a paid advertisement! Sue and I genuinely LOVE this place!)

     The only thing preachy I have to add in closing is please, if you do go out for a thrill or the like, be safe, be legal.  Abandoned properties are not without owners and usually very unsafe and unhealthy... so try to find a place you're invited to and welcomed at.

    Enjoy this spooky season and yes, for the next little while, embrace the giggle-factor!

    Of course, come November, I'll be back to being all grumpy and serious again!

    Happy Halloween!


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