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    They are serious!


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    They are serious!

    Note: It's with some regret, key word "some" as it's not completely with regret as you'll see, that this blog - as of November 1st, 2014 - will be more or less left as an archive with no new posts added to it and the comments section shut down. This is because many of the articles in here really should have been put on one of the websites (one of the three Sue and I ultimately look after... Sue's ParaResearchers, my Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts, and our PSICAN site,) as opposed to here for easier access and searching.  The smaller posts and items are pretty much going to be posted to the Facebook pages or groups. (The PSICAN page, the PSICAN group, the Torontoghosts/Ontarioghosts page, and the ParaResearchers page.)  We are sorry for those that like the blog format, but we just felt it was time for a change and it will allow better search-ability and overall access to some of the notes we write. We hope you'll check in on our Facebook and Websites as you can.

    Oh dear, poor Bongo

    Bongo is most upset...

     Remember this post?

     ...and this one?

     I'll toss this one in too...

     If not, have a read... I'll wait.

     Done? Goodly!

     Well, the folks who were responsible for these two issues recently showed back up on the radar, so to speak... and at their usual peak of awesomeness.  (Let's check with Bongo on this one...)

    Bongo in Tears

    Yeah, my thoughts too.

    Anyway, here's the skinny...

    There's a website/blog written by someone I admire in the province (I don't want to involve this fellow in this rant, so I'm keeping it as anonymous as possible, but if you're interested, you probably should be able to find his site through some creative Googling and it is well worth the read,)  and in it, and remember all the key points I'm about to make - I'll bold the important ones for you, he discusses his past being a caretaker for a disused property (a rather impressive hotel, to be honest,) a few years prior to his posting on his site which dates to late April of 2009.  In the post, to give it some context, he states clearly that as of the time of the initial situation, he was still with his ex-wife... again, 2009 was when he's writing this...

    I won't spoil it, but the story is very interesting and involves mostly an instance with a light in one of the abandoned windows that led to a rather unsettling first-hand experience for the fellow... nothing obviously "deadly", as such, but definitely in the unnerving category!

    A search through this fellow's site would show another more blanketed post (posted two weeks after this first one,) about the site and the more urban legend aspect of it (outside of his own experiences,) and in the comments, he mentions that, and this one I'll quote, "...my stint at the hotel was many years ago, and it has changed hands at least twice (possibly more) since then.  I have no idea who owns or maintains the property now."

    Okay? You got all that? A very interesting report, well written, and definitely worth finding via Google!

    So Far... WELL NOW, you know this is a rant... and it's a rant because I have a personal issue with what I call the "Three I's..."

    Intolerance, Ignorance, and Incompetence.

    Well, here it comes.,,,

    Last month, (September 2014) this was posted verbatem...

    "I represent the longest serving paranormal team in Canada, {name withheld}. If you require our assistance please contact us through our website or me personally at {email withheld}. We are not a group of overnight thrill seekers but a team that does extended investigations of a location and its historical records in order to get the complete story. {Name withheld}, the head of our organization has just published his 5th book based on investigations performed by our team. Please check our website to confirm for yourself that we are a professional team."


    Are you seeing it?  I'm pretty sure you are...

    Let's dissect this...

    Ancient Juan

    "I represent the longest serving paranormal team in Canada"

    That's not well defined... but as a history lesson...

    Skeptics{sic} Canada (now the Association for Science and Reason) has been around looking into claims of the paranormal since 1984.

    There have been active members of the American Society for Psychical Research in Canada documented since 1908.

    There have been active members of The Society for Psychical Research in Canada documented since 1913.

    Parapsychological Association has had Canadian content since 1969.

    All four of these organisations still have members in Canada. 

    For the record, Torontoghosts was first put online in 1997 and is still going.

    I can list a plethora of other groups and organisations that have been active in Canada especially between 1913 and the mid-1970's... but I won't bore you.

    To also be 100% honest, we knew through a few "members" mostly based in the Peterborough area about the formation of this group in October of 2003... though to be fair, they are not the founder, but they did say they were the beginning of the team proper.

    The fellow who runs the group  says it was founded in 1979... and perhaps that's true, but (and yes, this is a compliment,) it looks like he started the group in his pre-teens... this may not be accurate, so consider it withdrawn as he may be older than he appears...

    ADDENDUM (October 23rd): Thanks to some research, we found out through a Toronto Star article on a haunted location he was at with the original(?) team from 2006, in that same year he was forty-one. A little math now tells us he started his group at the age of fourteen... potentially thirteen.

    ...but as the group was around since dying says of disco, surely there's notes and information from them, right? 

    Checking, Looking. Um...


    The first we heard from him (ourselves) was in February of 2003... when he asked for me to help him find a place to look into his new "theories".  I declined because the request was a little hard to fill... in a nutshell, it was for the holy grail of haunted sites... a place where things happened often and with a schedule to predict them.  He did not mention a formed group in any of the mail we exchanged.

    The next time we heard of this fellow was the release of his first book in August of the same year.  I won't lie here, we had huge problems with the book... the "hiding" of the people and place involved was not thorough and the accusations made in it without firm evidence were troubling.  We even heard from a family member who wrote to us hoping we would help with potential information... we stayed out of it... though in fairness, we had the location figured out by chapter two.  The targets chosen who were panted in a very questionable light were people who honestly deserved better for the legitimate (nothing to do with the paranormal) troubles in their lives... and no, there was nothing "evil" or "wrong" that is evident in their histories... and if there were, BOY would we all know about it as the patriarch suffered badly at the hands of the Canadian Government during World War II due to his ancestry and nothing else.

    We won't discuss his other works, but one of them is mentioned in the linked posts above.

    So, we have twenty-four years without published information about the group, who doesn't acknowledge the people who were (and are) active around them.

    Strike one.

    Welcome to Phone Mail Hell 

    "If you require our assistance please contact us through our website or me personally..."

    I'll let this one slide.  After all, even though the event mentioned happened years before 2009 and the person involved is years removed from the site, one could argue that assistance could mean just information.

    Still, Strike One-and-a-half... only a half strike for not noticing.

    Yup! That's pretty serious!

    "We are not a group of overnight thrill seekers but a team that does extended investigations of a location and its historical records in order to get the complete story."

    Yet they seem to do ghost hunts... and looking through their website, it's pretty much SSDD in terms of what they do with little notation as to "why" they're doing it and to what end... just that they "geared up" for things.  As I've often said, unless you know the "why", the collection of any evidence means not a whole lot.

    I'm giving this the Strike two-and-a-half designation as you can't say you're looking for the complete story when your webpage lacks a LOT of information on the places you investigate... like the entire history... or why you're trying to collect the "data" you are working towards?

    Check it, Baby!

    "Please check our website to confirm for yourself that we are a professional team."

    Okay, Strike THREE!

    First of all, see the above "strike two and a half" bits above.

    Second of all, you're great intuition missed out something...

    You're throwing yourself at a man who has no more connection with the site currently than you do yourself  and hasn't since AT LEAST 2007... seven years prior to your request.

    This speaks volumes about your professionalism and research skills.

    I feel awful about conveying this sort of thing, especially as a rant, but realistically, Sue and I for the last year or more have been trying to reconnect ties with sites, museums, and other places that can be of help in understanding the cause of some of these ghostly experiences people discuss... and the damage was done by bad, arrogant, and just plain silly ghost hunters.

    In this case, had the poster just spent literally four minutes of extra time before making a public statement, he could have discussed and talked with the experient who wrote it and garnered good information.

    Instead, it comes off as slightly arrogant (granted FAR better than the Fort York disaster linked to above,) and with information that the experient (as he's a genuinely educated person in these fields,) realises is wrong and shows a sincere lack of effort or proper information... and is, in fact, not at all professional.

    Leaving aside the fact that the author of the report has about as much to do with that hotel as I do with the office building where my last day job was located, what if he was the current caretaker?  With the way the request was presented and the information given, what might have happened?

    There's a chance that everything would have gone smoothly... but once things started to unravel... chances are, doors would be closed for all of us and information on legitimate sources requested to be censored if not outright deleted/removed... and no one gets anything.

    Has this happened before?  Yup.

    Will it happen again?  Yup.

    Do I expect better from this group in the future?  Sadly no..

    Bongo Again

    You said it, buddy...



    Comment from: John [Visitor]

    Their web site has been edited. It now says, formed in 2005.

    10/21/14 @ 23:47
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Good to know we are being read :)

    10/23/14 @ 20:08
    Comment from: Admin [Member]  

    {Matthew Here} I’m still seeing “Est. 1979″..?

    10/23/14 @ 20:12

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