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    Ghostly Pets


      11:56:00 am, by Sue   , 296 words  
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    Ghostly Pets

    ghost-like cat image


    Earlier this morning I was having a lively discussion within our Canadian paranormal Facebook group on the topic of ghosts, our pets, and the possibility of an animal afterlife.  This is a topic that is dear to many of our hearts. Anyone who has loved an animal and believes in an afterlife would want the reassurance that their animal companion also survives in some sense after their bodily death.

    Christopher Laursen has written an excellent article on this topic entitled "Why Not An Animal Afterlife?" in which he shares a personal experience. I too have written on Animal Apparitions that includes my experiences with a ghostly cat. My own encounter was not with a beloved pet, but perhaps a former resident of my 1920s home.

    Over the years we have collected numerous accountings from people who have had an experience with what they believe is the spirit of an animal that has passed on.  Just recently I published an encounter to the PSICAN website that is typical of the type of reports we receive.  I entitled the article "A Family Dog Says Good-bye" because that is exactly how the witness described their experience .

    While reports of ghostly cats and dogs are quite common I would be interested in hearing about similar encounters with other types of animals that we might form a close bond with such as horses, birds, or smaller mammals.

    I have wondered about the possibility of non-domestic animal apparitions. I do not believe I have ever received a report of a ghostly coyote, moose or other wild creature, but if pets can haunt, why not wildlife?

    It is my opinion that if human consciousness can survive bodily death then it stands to reason the consciousness of all living things must survive too.






    Comment from: CyberCelt [Visitor]

    I have seen two of my cats after they had passed. The last one was strong willed and stayed around the longest.

    I hope they are where we go. It will be sterile without animals.

    05/25/14 @ 19:14
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    CyberCelt -> Thank you for sharing your own experience, and I hope so too!

    05/25/14 @ 20:51
    Comment from: Theresa B [Visitor]
    Theresa B

    Two and a half years ago, we lost one of our beloved family pets…our dog Abby. The day after I was sitting in the kitchen area and my daughter was sitting in another room when at the same time we both heard Abby’s collar/tags clanging and what sounded like her footsteps walking across the hardwood floor. We were both astounded and just looked at each other like, “did we just hear what we thought we heard?!?!” I truly believe Abby came back just to let us know that she was okay and will always be with our family as her death was quite sudden.

    05/26/14 @ 00:54
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Theresa B -> Thank you for sharing this with me. I am sorry to hear of your loss, but happy for you that you had this experience. :)

    05/26/14 @ 17:25
    Comment from: linda [Visitor]  

    I see animals all the time. Nearly every day. I don’t recognize them as pets I’ve had but as a life long animal lover I am happy for their visits. These have all been dogs and cats but I did go through a spell of time where I was visited by wolves. As these are predatory animals I was never sure what to make from it but I never felt afraid or threatened by them…..very interesting topic. Thank you for posting!

    07/28/14 @ 14:20
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Linda -> Thank you for sharing this with us! :)

    07/29/14 @ 14:40

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