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    Happy Mother's Day!


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    Happy Mother's Day!

    I built this image for the PSICAN Facebook group, but figured I should share it here as well...

    Happy Mother's Day!

    ...and once we put it together, I realised something...

    SOMEWHERE, out there, reading this RIGHT NOW... someone who calls themselves a sceptic (who really isn't because, again, scepticism means doubt... and they have NO doubt it's all nonsense,) is saying, "Look! The woo-woos are acknowledging that their beliefs are all the equivalent of a child's nightmares!"

    To that person(s), I put this to you...

    We DO recognise as children we had occasional unfounded fears. If you didn't, wow. What a miserable and odd childhood you had devoid of imagination and dreams. Many of us did have a 'mommy', 'mum', or 'mother' we went to for help... to snuggle into when the shadows became too much who allayed our fears and helped us understand that the fears were unfounded.  Again, I am sorry for you if your mom, instead of helping and explaining, just called you a half-wit and slammed the door in your face proclaiming you to be too stupid to deal with then laughed at you with her friends.

    That said, I was terrified of the dentist as a kid... and in my late forties, I still don't relish the visits to have me dental health looked after... and now, with the fear of pain and discomfort (which I just gut out) I have the added worries of fiscal concerns. My mom used to help me not be afraid of the dentist, and that was a good thing... but did her calming words and help make it FAR less concerning or real today... or just a different type of concern?

    When 'we' (those of us who had imaginations that got ahead of us,) had concerns about monsters in the night, mothers often helped to get us to sleep and calm us... so I guess there's no monsters of any sort any where... or even monstrous things or people to be worried about as adults, right?

    To that dear pseudo-sceptic out there who laughed and laughs... and maybe found that idea with the image I posited at the opening here... there's two lessons to learn.

    The first is although Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees may not have been in our closets waiting to pounce on the off chance a Dalek attack didn't get us first as the evil phantom under our bed reached up and pinned us helplessly down... there are scary things in the world that do exist and, although thankfully most folkloric nightmares really aren't that terrible or much to be concerned about,  they can still be things that adults take note of as well as children.

    ...and the second, and most important today...

    There are few things mothers can't make better at any age or time.

    So, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from Sue, Myself, and everyone at PSICAN!

    This is the end my friend

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    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Happy Mama’s Day!

    05/11/14 @ 09:47

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