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    Don't be sending out an "SoS" to our Facebook...


      03:59:00 pm, by Matthew   , 745 words  
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    Don't be sending out an "SoS" to our Facebook...

    Don't Send Me Out an SoS!

    Congratulations to many Facebook paranormal groups! You made me spend time and money on this rant!


    What is that above???

    Well, maybe you know... maybe you don't know... but many (read TONNES) of paranormal groups of all stripes have this thing where they build a Facebook presence (usually not a whole lot of information... almost never anything even barely usable as even a bad reference,) and then slam into our Facebook stuff leaving a link (always) and a post saying something eminently useful to the understanding of the paranormal such as "Showing our support!" (hence "SoS") or "Love you work, hope you stop by and like us!" or something equally as pointless.

    I understand that, especially amongst the more new-age side of things - the 'Love and Light'ers - that affirmations are nice and appreciated... but in all honesty, for many of us, unnecessary... and it's a bit painful when someone says they're showing support or like our work... and then clearly demonstrate by not adding to anything to our pages or groups that they DON'T know us from a hole in the ground.

    It gets worse for us, really, as on our Facebook, we post a link to a websitem saying what we hope for, which includes these words...


       'Things posted to the group will most likely be challenged - questions asked, doubt exercised. This is not because we doubt witnesses or "do not believe", this is because as people genuinely interested in making things deemed paranormal something more than a fringe study, we try to eliminate arguments and contradictions that an experient or believer might face in academia. To some, this can seem unfriendly, and we apologise... but as we are looking into these subjects in terms of better understanding them, we cannot take on the sole position of support group or facilitators anymore than we would take on the sole position of deniers and non-believers.'

    That's the FIRST thing it says.

    Can someone explain how a single advertising spam-like hit-and-run post with the words "Showing our Support" or the like do anything like the above?

    At least there was a MESSAGE in their bottle!

    At least there was a MESSAGE in their bottle!

    If you click on the picture of the ghost in the life ring above, it does suggest to people what they COULD do instead...

    ...but those recommendations are for people who can read...

    ...and comprehend.

    Sadly, most of these folks simply give the false impression of being curious and seeking information when they're just preaching or otherwise courting sycophantic "friends" to nod in abject agreement while they either lord over their flock their leadership, special qualities, or their bravery in the face of thrill seeking.

    Realistically, "Showing our Support" is little more than a spammed link with hopes of hits based on nonsense in an attempt to recruit the unquestioning to their cause.

    Harsh? Well...

    I give (some self-proclaimed) sceptics crap because they're not sceptical... they're non-believers... and scepticism means to doubt, not deny and decry. It's only fair I turn around and point out that many in the "love and light" crowd of people lurking about the paranormal tend to actually be the harshest judges of others... usually because they expect everyone to live to a philosophy that they rarely can and as such, it must be everyone else's fault... and indeed, an enormous quantity of those saying they are studying the paranormal are not using academics, discussion, or debate... but only allowing people that are in lock-step with their own beliefs, hopes, faith, and dreams.

    Really, is there anything more laughably sad than a group that claims to be "open minded" and/or "investigating" that openly says if you disagree with them on their hypothesis of what causes the paranormal, they'll kick you out? Don't even CONSIDER playing devil's advocate lest ye be considered the un-civil rabble that shun!

    ...or those groups that offer little then YouTube regurgitations of reality-ish television garbage that resolves nothing save their desire to look famous or thrill seek.

    ...or groups that offer seemingly nothing save graphics and "likes" on Facebook.

    Basically, want to show your support?

    TALK TO US without spamming.
    ADD to the conversation.
    BE HONESTLY OPEN to debate so we all can learn... maybe even you!

    ...maybe you'll teach us something...

    ...but a slap-dash pointless link advertisement is not the way to do it!

    WE DON'T CRAVE FALSE FACEBOOK LIKES and just 'cuz you do doesn't mean we have to take it!

    We are... PROUDLY ANTI-SOS!

    ...and fast on the delete key!

    This is the end my only friend

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    Comment from: Tom Ruffles [Visitor]  
    Tom Ruffles

    This is something that happens on the SPR’s Facebook page occasionally, from groups who as you say you’ve never heard of before and never will again. They generally invite me to head over to show my support for them as well, but I always ignore them, and definitely don’t ‘like’ them in case they consider it an endorsement.

    I don’t though delete them, for two reasons. Firstly I have a policy of never deleting things (or banning people) except in cases of offensiveness, a power I rarely have to invoke. Secondly I try to disseminate a wide range of information, and someone looking at the page may find a particular ‘SOS’ group to be of interest.

    If a group did it more than once I would certainly consider it spam, but having heard of us, who knows, when they have gained further experience they may come back with a more serious attitude. In the meantime, it’s a small proportion of the links on the page, so it’s not distracting to visitors for whom a particular SOS group holds no interest.

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