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    Our Tax on Hope - Towards a Proper Reading Room


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    Our Tax on Hope - Towards a Proper Reading Room

    I've heard buying lottery tickets called a tax on stupidity... but I have always preferred the concept that it's a tax on hope... and every week, I plunk down nine-bucks on the weekly draws in that hope that through a fluke in the universe, Sue and myself will become fluid in the funds department in the extreme.

    Now, before getting into this post, allow me to explain a couple of things.

    First, both Sue and myself have been studying paranormal phenomena publicly for (at the time of writing this,) a combined twenty-five years... much longer if you count the stuff we did on our own before the Interwebs... and I know that I started the first Torontoghosts website because of one simple thing... it didn't exist.

    You see, had something... heck, anything like Torontoghosts existed when I went to find it, I would have simply worked like the dickens to join in! I have a genuine thirst for knowledge on the topic and because I wanted discussion with like-minded types, I set up the site to share and have a place for everyone and anyone to find out more and, when possible, participate.

    I had (and still have) no dreams of "fame"... I didn't want a teevee show or the like... I wasn't (and really am still not) writing a book... and most certainly had no delusions of fortune through this subject (these sites are a perennial drain on our resources and that's never not been the case,)... so, to be a little blunt, as one investigator and enthusiast once said to myself and Sue, "You guys really live this stuff, don't you?"

    We do. We're interested... nothing more... and absolutely nothing less.

    Sue and I have both had our experiences... we've never hidden that... and we're trying to find out more about those moments as well as about all the others we've heard and read about.

    That's why we're here.

    Secondly, my priorities are and always have been "family first"... meaning that I cannot make looking into these subjects a "full time career".

    Realistically, to make a career out of this, you're either going to have to find a media organisation and actually do a teevee show or the like (and considering the current ratings on the big "ghost shows" out there, don't hold your breath trying to find a production company willing to fund a show even if you did want to do that,) or you have to try and charge or make money from the subject at hand... and because of our own stance on these things and really not wishing to either be "paid" ghost busters or the like (sorry, but these types all tend to be very questionable,) or be tour guides (there's plenty of good ghost tours by far more capable people than us in these matters,) that would mean finding a university or the like willing to let us do things on their dime. (This isn't likely because the evangelical non-believers or "so-called sceptics" have poisoned the well as far as serious educational study by major institutions who don't wish to appear "woo-woo" and, far more importantly, I was an admittedly dreadful students and quite frankly, my educational background is a bit of a shambles to be kind!)

    So, as the old joke says, "I owe! I owe! It's off to work I go!" and yes, I do have a day job... and it's not anywhere near "paranormal" related.

    Getting back now, that "tax on hope"... what would it mean to us?

    Well, obviously, if it's small, it would just go to supporting my family... but what if I entertain that big dream... the "big win" as they say?

    First of all, assuming I've been relieved of the old "I owe!" song as sung above, the study *would* become my full time job... if one could ever consider sharing information and learning a "job". It would be and always has been my passion.

    It's funny... because many people, right now, assume that PSICAN (and by proxy, Torontoghosts, Pararesearchers, and the like,) have offices... and we don't. It's all from home... so would we get an office?


    It's not necessary as such.

    What would we do then?

    Well, much like Sue and I both created websites because they weren't there for us, there's one dream that we do have... and I'm certain more than a few of you might share it... and it came home this past week rather clearly.

    On Facebook, the SPR announce two new books about ghosts and hauntings... and one truly has me salivating.

    "Ghosts: A Social History" by Owen Davies is a five volume set that (obviously) covers a lot of ground... There's a PDF about it available by clicking here.

    Now, on a rough estimate, Sue and I probably already own at least one-hundred and fifty books on paranormal subjects, and we actually have had people question us why we'd not only (a) invest so much into books about the subjects but (b) why we would be so desperately wanting this five volume set... especially when the list price is going to be very close to $1,000 Canadian?

    Well, the answer to "a" is... see above about why we're here.

    The answer to "b" is that dream which has bupkiss to do with offices, television programs, or fame... and everything to do with having a place for anyone who is... well... like us.

    What we'd do with a "big win" is set up a learning centre... open to anyone with an interest in the paranormal... complete with conference rooms and... here it comes... a resource and reading room.

    If you're like us... and I do know many of you are... you head to the local bookstore and library and check out the appropriate sections for new material. What's new in the realm of the paranormal?

    How great would it be to have a place where you can just walk in and voila! It's all there! Free for you to use and learn from!

    Oh, and when I say open to "everyone", I would want the place to also host those with alternative views... indeed, if real sceptics or even evangelical non-believers want to respectfully look into and even discuss things, this would be for them to...

    ...because no matter what you feel may be the causation of paranormal experiences, we all deserve a chance to try to find out if our ideas, thoughts, and even speculations have any validity... or if there's more information we can gather to find out if we're on a right track.

    PSICAN doesn't need desks... it needs work tables... and books... lot's of books... and computers... and conference rooms... and even small lecture spaces... perhaps a lab...

    The rest, from there, would most likely come via accumulation.

    This is our hope... it's what I do pay that tax on.

    Sure, one could ask the question what would we do if someone gave us a tonne of money... for our work and efforts to continue... a kind benefactor, if you will...

    I suppose that could happen... and yes, that would make the dream a reality... but the lottery is probably more realistic... think about that!

    ..and why would we want this dream of a learning centre? Because as of now, in our neck of the woods it doesn't exist and no one seems to be trying.

    ...but we are...

    ...even if it is a small hope costing nine-dollars a week.


    Comment from: Bo Turner [Visitor]  
    Bo Turner

    I “grew up” in a haunted house. We knew the ghost’ family and have a very good idea as to why this spirit could find no rest but rather was confined to roam the old dwelling and its creaky porches.

    My daughter and her familly have the ghost app and I have been astounded by some “happenings” and perceptions of the device. Recently she, her teenaged daughter and I were all sitting on the patio of her camper and we decided to go to WalMart nearby. When her daughter went into the camper to fetch her purse, the device said “Coach". It is a collectible purse which many people have and the phones camera could not have “seen” becuase it was lying flat on the picnic table.

    I’m 76 years old and have a terminal illness so my time on this side is very limited.

    Like Houdini, I want to try to communicate with my loved ones from the grave. Houdini was never successful but in his day there were no smart phones with a ghost app. I’ve a distinct advantage!

    07/06/11 @ 07:31
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thank you for sharing your story Bo. We appreciate it.

    07/06/11 @ 18:04

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