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    PSICAN Launches New Remote Viewing Experiment


      08:50:49 am, by Sue   , 49 words  
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    PSICAN Launches New Remote Viewing Experiment

    We have launched a brand new, online, experiment in remote viewing, which is open to the general public internationally. For complete details on the experiment please visit the Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada main website by clicking on the link.

    Thanks to all those who are participating in advance.


    Comment from: Atrueoriginall [Visitor]  

    That’s a good idea.

    01/06/10 @ 12:59
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Atrueoriginall -> Thank you! I am looking forward to the eventual results, and response so far has been good. Please pass this along to anyone you feel may be interested.


    01/06/10 @ 20:47
    Comment from: Atrueoriginall [Visitor]  

    I had put it in 4 different blogs in the ‘conference’ area so they’ll sit there until May.

    I know it’s not a conference but it’s dated material, which somewhat pertains. Good placement for it anyway.

    01/10/10 @ 05:56
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Atrueoriginall -> Thanks so much! So far, we are getting a good response :)

    01/10/10 @ 10:35

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