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    The Giggle Factor


      09:13:54 am, by Sue   , 259 words  
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    The Giggle Factor

    We were recently asked by a member of the media the following question, and I thought it was a good one....our answer below.

    What is the most difficult part of being part of a paranormal society?

    Well, I would say "The Giggle Factor" for us.

    Many people in academia feel that what we do is pseudo-science or again, "silly superstition"... and this is often because of the view of us thanks to the media, "bad" ghost groups (those that are really more thrill seekers or trying to emulate things they see on TV,) and the general cultural view on certain aspects of "the unknown". Basically, even when we have presented papers, talks, and even full-on documents on our work, they are often treated with little or no interest... even in cases where things were debunked by us or where we worked with historians, museum curators, and even university professors. "The Giggle Factor" usually comes to the fore ensuring that no matter what we do, we remain a private and somewhat unloved voice trying to not only maintain folkloric stories, but work with people's fears (usually allay them,) and find natural causation to things perceived as paranormal...

    ...and on those times when things are a genuine mystery that no one can answer, instead of help from certain groups and people who could shed light on things, the silence, instead, is deafening.

    Again, this is absolutely "The Giggle Factor".

    We will always be seen by some as the living embodiment of "Scooby-Doo"... no matter what we produce or even ask.


    Comment from: Stu [Visitor]  

    It is unfortunate to be lumped with the thrill-seekers and all that lot. Only a small amount of researching PSICAN will show we are certainly not about that.

    10/22/09 @ 15:12
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Stu -> True….but in general people will not do that research. At least that is what I’ve found.

    10/23/09 @ 09:33

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