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    Midland Ontario Ghosts & Hauntings


      11:30:31 am, by Sue   , 206 words  
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    Midland Ontario Ghosts & Hauntings

    We received a nice message from a couple who are just starting out investigating ghosts & hauntings in the Georgian Bay area of the province. They are seeking reports of paranormal activity in and around Midland, Penetanguishene and the Western Islands of Georgian Bay.

    We could offer them little help in this regard. Unfortunately, and despite being online since 1997 other than a Discovery Harbour write-up, we have received only two other reports from private property owners and neither gave us permission to publish their stories online. So that is three total in almost a 12 years!

    This area has got to be the most under reported on our website, and I put that down to poorer internet accessibility in the past. At least that is my guess. Historically the region should lend itself well to ghost stories, in theory we should actually have far more from there than say Peterborough to the east, but we do not.

    If you have any stories to share please contact us. We are particularly looking for public locations that would not mind having people visit, and potentially looking into reports of ghosts & hauntings.

    Thank you in advance!

    Hope everyone is enjoying a nice if rainy weekend here in T.O.


    Comment from: Rolfe Burger [Visitor]  
    Rolfe Burger

    We operate a resort on the former site of one of Ontario’s largest sawmills. There are many stories of paranormal activities here.

    Two years ago we were visited by Patrick Cross, who conducted a ghost audit and found quite a few anomalies. We have had several subsequent visits from paranormal enthusiasts who also found similar phenomena.

    Ghost hunters who want to visit or rent a cabin and check out the area are welcome to give us a call. Our village is popular in many of the Ontario ghost town sites.

    10/03/08 @ 21:18
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Rolfe -> Thank you for stopping by! I’ll pass your info on to the group :)

    10/04/08 @ 18:46
    Comment from: Pat [Visitor]  

    Hi: I heard from 2 sources about the old YMCA on Hugel Avenue near King St. in Midland, Ontario, Southern Georgian Bay region, is haunted. The building has just been sold and I’m not sure who the new owner is…it is a vacant building at the moment. One story I heard was that there was a shipwreck on Georgian Bay and the victims of drowning were brought into the basement of the YMCA, temporarily. It’s definitely worth checking out, but other than what I have told you, I have no further information. Hope this helps.

    10/21/08 @ 18:23
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thanks so much Pat! I will forward this on to the investigators :)

    10/22/08 @ 08:44
    Comment from: Jackie Crowe [Visitor]  
    Jackie Crowe

    I have heard, seen, and felt things at the Recreation Center here in Midland. I am told the rec center was built on top an Indian burial ground and that many buried there were children who died from a disease epidemic. It is a very uneasy place to be especially alone at night. Many of the staff there have stories of things they have heard, felt, or seen. I have always wanted to participate in a “dead time” in the building to see what sort of activity I can find however I have not been able to find anyone willing to participate with and help me.

    It is really worth checking out. I have seen lights flicker off and on, felt things touch me, felt someone watching me all on a regular basis and I only worked there 3 months.

    If you are willing to check it out and would not mind a tag along PLEASE let me know and I would be more than thrilled to join you :)


    03/17/09 @ 12:33
    Comment from: Carla [Visitor]  

    Hi I to have a little paranormal group in Midland. I would love to hear from anyone who has any information to anything paranormal in Midland. I would also love to hear from the two person’s who are looking also. Maybe we can meet up and join each other on our quest to investigate and document paranormal happening’s in and around Midland
    Ontario. Thank you very much for your time.

    04/23/09 @ 15:03
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Carla -> Thanks for stopping by, and best wishes for your group!

    04/23/09 @ 17:09
    Comment from: H T [Visitor]  
    H T

    I live on Ottawa St. in midland I have seen a cat out of the corner of my eye and yet there is no cat.
    we hear footsteps leave my side of the bed and go to my son’s room then back to my room again all the while no one is up there we are in the living room under neath these rooms
    I can not find history for this street let let alone this property My daughter feels a little boy is in and around the home and that an evil man awaits the boy off the property
    any help would be appriciated

    03/06/10 @ 12:27
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    HT -> Thank you for your comment. You might want to start at the local historical society, and the town library. Let them know you are researching the neighbourhood, and specifically the street you live on. I would also maybe mention that you are doing some research to some of the older people living on the street or people who have lived there a long time. You don’t need to mention its a possible ghost thing unless you are comfortable doing so, and you never know what nugget of information that you might find out. Please do keep in touch and best wishes for your research. :)

    03/06/10 @ 20:31
    Comment from: Jenn [Visitor]  

    so i have lived in the old ymca because my family used to own papa joes and i can confirm it is haunted someone really need to to a thorough investigation on this building also i currently work in discovery harbour so i am around alot of things

    03/16/10 @ 20:40
    Comment from: Kathy and James [Visitor]  
    Kathy and James

    Hi there. We live in Victoria Harbour. Our house is haunted. I am a ghost magnet. My husband and I were at the YMCA on King st in Midland and had a ghost sighting.
    I have been wanting to start a ghost group in our area in order to have people come out and share their stories, know that they are not crazy and have on going support. There is SO much in this area. I have had many encounters over my life with ghosts, unexplained scents of perfume, cigar and pipe tobacco and the smell of roses where there has been NO reason to cause this.
    St. Marie among the Hurons is haunted and I was not able to find where Creepy Canada visited yet. My husband and I heard muffled voices which sounded like hundreds of people gathering there and it was as we were walking by at 3AM. When I shared my story, others discribed the same experience.
    The tourist attraction was closed. It is a fort.
    If anyone wants to contact me please do so I would love to hear from you. Thank you for this forum.

    04/12/10 @ 01:07
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Hello Kathy,

    Thanks for stopping by, and sharing this info. I would love to hear more about your haunted house if you’d like to share. I too experienced the smell of “roses” or rose perfume when I lived in a “haunted house” when there was no explanation for the smell.

    I think it would be great to have a group in your area, please do let us know if you start one up.


    04/12/10 @ 12:17
    Comment from: Brock Therrien [Visitor]  
    Brock Therrien

    I’m from midland ontario and seen a ghost or something about a week ago. Ok here it goes I was walking home late one night and hear something so I looked around and notice something I looked at it I thought it was a person but it wasn’t. It had pure white eyes and a mans figure. It was just looking at me and walking away from me. After I a couple of seconds I ran as fast as I could to get home.

    08/08/10 @ 18:54
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Brock -> Thank you for your recent blog comment. We appreciate it. Can you be more specific as to where in Midland you had this experience, and the time of day/evening? Also, what sound did you hear, how far away were you approx. from the possible apparition, and when did you first notice it? I know these are a lot of questions, but the answers would be a good help in our research.

    08/09/10 @ 13:21
    Comment from: Brock Therrien [Visitor]  
    Brock Therrien

    It happen on Irwin street at midnight.It sounds like someone has step on a stick I was about 10 feet away and I first notice it about a 10 seconds after it made the noise

    08/09/10 @ 14:05
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thank you!

    08/09/10 @ 14:09
    Comment from: Brock Therrien [Visitor]  
    Brock Therrien

    your welcome

    08/09/10 @ 14:11
    Comment from: xchyr [Visitor]  


    08/24/10 @ 23:22
    Comment from: Chantelle [Visitor]  

    Our microwave has been going off only at night it sounds like someone or something is touching the buttons. When I would go downstairs into the kitchen it would stop, as soon as I would turn around it would start repeatedly. Our dog would get up from his naps and stare up into the corner off the ceiling but never really thought to much about it until. One night my husband couldnt sleep walked downstairs into the kitchen for a drink and when he was coming back upstairs he stood there noticing a black object on the staircase he blinked and the object turned and he noticed some eyes and vanished. We live on Russell street in Midland if anyone knows what might of been on this land before please let me know.

    09/04/10 @ 22:15
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Chantelle -> Thank you for sharing this with us. We appreciate it :)

    09/05/10 @ 13:16
    Comment from: Kathy [Visitor]  

    We live in Victoria Harbour. We know that our house is haunted and actually enjoy the little things that happen here and there.
    We have a kettle that a plastic flip up ‘flips up’ when the water has finished boiling.
    It can be hours later after the water finished boiling and we hear the sound of the plastic ‘flip up’ making its noise as though the kettle had just finished boiling the water.
    The microwave makes a noise that is the same sound as something that contracts when the temperature changes in it.
    We may not have even used it ‘that day’ and it is not plugged in unless used. My husband and I just looked at one another as we sitting at the table.There is so much to discover in the Georgian Bay area.

    09/11/10 @ 12:15
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Kathy -> Thank you for sharing these experiences with us :)

    09/11/10 @ 16:48
    Comment from: michelle [Visitor]  

    hi there i have been on here inquiring if the following area that we will be vacationing at come oct 22-24 had any near by hauntings I noticed VIctoria harbour had been mentioned a few times and thats where we will be staying aswell the exact address is actually Robins Point Road…has any one had any sightings or experience in or around this specific area? if anyone could get back to me that would be great thank you michelle and keep up al the good investigating and good work from a paranormal fan…

    10/12/10 @ 00:02
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Michelle -> Thanks for your kind words. We do not have anything for that particular road, but the whole area is rich in history, and ghostly experiences.

    10/13/10 @ 06:54
    Comment from: Selena [Visitor]  

    I don’t know if you know where Waverly is but it’s near elmville about 30 minutes or so away from Midland. My boyfriend lived in the white apartment building that right now I hear is vacant and is being sold. Anyways, he was at his buddy’s in that same building and apparently they heard a man commited suicide in that building in his buddy’s apartment. One day he was sitting in the living room and there was a hallway leading to the bathroom which was around the corner and he seen a man that looked like his skin was blue-ish and his hair was wet and he was poking his head around the corner staring at him he says he was also kind of near the ceiling (about a foot above the ground). He also claims that in his apartment in that building him and his girlfriend at the time seen an orb floating around and it really freaked him out. You guys should definately look up that place and its history. It’s practically right in front of the old graveyard. It’s the only white building right at the corner by the traffic lights you cant miss it.

    02/10/11 @ 01:02
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thank you for sharing Selena :) If anyone decides to check this one out please make sure you contact the owners first and get permission to be on-site.

    02/10/11 @ 14:07
    Comment from: nowsmileu [Visitor]  

    Hi I was Just talking to a friend about some personal experiences I have been Having and she mentioned that she used to live in a townhouse complex nicknamed smurf village because all houses are blue, it is located on king street here in Midland right next door to a rather large grave yard. and that she and many of her neighbors had some strange experiences when she was living there like footstep on the stairs behind her, dark shadows and the feeling of being watched. She also thinks she saw an old man in her home one day. I have actually heard a lot of stories about that place mostly just hear say.

    03/04/11 @ 20:59
    Comment from: Lexi [Visitor]  

    I’m Only 14 But…. Theres This Really Creepy House On The Highway In Midland On The Way To Walmart, I Don’t Know The Adress But It’s Easy To See, It’s Abandoned, And All Boarded Up, Because A Girl Named Caitlin Cousinea Was Tortured And Murderd There By Two Men. Very Creepy, :)

    05/26/11 @ 15:38
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thanks for sharing Lexi. This was a very horrific crime and I am surprised there is anything left of the house as it was reportedly burned to the ground as part of a cover-up to conceal her murder. May she rest in peace.

    Here is an article from The Toronto Star on the crime:


    05/26/11 @ 16:48
    Comment from: Nikki [Visitor]  

    My daughters just moved in last week into the upstairs of a house on William St in Midland. During this first week there, they already want to move out. They’ve heard noises and when looking, have found their beds moved in their rooms, someone playing in the baby’s room,(while she was sleeping), doors have slammed shut and just last night, they heard a creek in the kitchen, both went to check and the cupboard door was opened.
    They are freaking out and have had friends there when they hear something, so it’s not just their imaginations. Do you know of anyone who can go take a look and let them know what is going on???

    08/08/11 @ 11:16
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Nikki -> I recommend your daughter contact PSICAN directly and fill out the reporting form located here:


    The information will then be passed along to the closest available volunteer researcher for follow-up.

    I must advise though that PSICAN groups are not made up of psychics and look for natural causations.

    08/08/11 @ 11:49
    Comment from: Amanda [Visitor]  

    I have several spiritual experiences and have recently been told by a psychic teacher (who also has a psychic daughter) that I have telekinetic abilities and it turns out my children also possess psychic powers. If you are interested in my stories, please email me. I’d be happy to tell you about my first dream that came true, what is that called again??? Premanision?

    08/18/11 @ 16:29
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Hi Amanda, thank you for your comment. We are always interested in hearing people’s personal encounters. If you would like you can write to us at admin@psican.org Thanks so much!

    08/19/11 @ 13:35
    Comment from: Ashley [Visitor]  

    I have read some of the stories on here and one of them caught my eye. The smurf village that is located beside the graveyard. I live BEHIND that graveyard in my grandparents home (they have lived there since mid 70s) when I was growing up I was always scared to go downstairs, I would turn every light on in the house when there alone. It always feels like someone is watching you in that house.
    One night I went downstairs to watch tv. the living room downstairs has sliding doors that leads to the deck of the house which is a couple inches away from the graveyard fence. As I turned the corner I saw a man dressed in some type of uniform, It looked navy in color to me with some buttons on his shirt he was also wearing a hat. I stared for about 2 seconds and ran up the stairs terrified. I told my grandmother and she had told me that when my uncle was a young boy and had his friend over they went downstairs and the boy screamed and ran upstairs and told my grandma a man in uniform was watching them.
    Also a neighbor that i grew up with had a swing set in her back yard (facing the graveyard) and she said she saw a young girl sitting on her swing set, her mother saw the same thing as well.
    Wehn in that graveyard you feel very uneasy, the graves are VERY old some from the mid 1800s. there is a baby buried about a foot away from the fence that borders our property and the graveyard.
    It seems that maybe the two sightings could have something to do with our properties bordering that specific graveyard.

    10/21/11 @ 11:47
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thank you for sharing Ashley :)

    10/21/11 @ 15:54
    Comment from: Ashlee [Visitor]  

    My grandparents live in Waverly.My grandpa has lived in the house ever since he was little, my grate grandpa passed away in the house and i have had creepy things happen to me. one night when i was visiting my grandparents, we were in the living room and i went to get a drink so i went to the pantry and i could hear something over top of me like someone walking upstairs but i just thought it was the house since its about 100 years old. on my way through the kitchen my grandmas purse that was on the counter started to move. one other time i was upstairs playing cod black ops( me and my brother took turns staying there for a week or so when my grandpa got sick so that’s why there was 360 and a t.v up there) and i said f*** once i said it the closet door opened.

    11/06/11 @ 16:10
    Comment from: kelsey,jess,jess [Visitor]  

    well we live in port mcnicoll on talbot street and here is are story i lived in apt 1 underneath apt 2 my friends that recently moved in to apt to was sittin down stairs with me and my husband watchin movies when we herd banging on the floor and and we herd loud laughtin and it sounded like lil children were runnin back and forth to every inch of the apt. then 2 months later my friends moved upstairs into that apt.when you walk in the door their microwave stand is right there and they had a glass cup sitting on top of it and my one friend started to walk down the hall she was half way down the hall when the glass flew at her and smashed but my other friend was in the livingroom and all she herd was a smashed got up and ran to see what the noise was. Another time in the same apt was my other friend that lives with them was in bed well the other two were with my husband gone for a walk well i was laying in my bed when i herd her on the floor walking all fine then like 5 mins after i herd her come running down the stairs well their dog was goin nuts up stairs and the lights kept turnning on and off on her.another time involves me i moved from apt 1 to apt 3 witch is right across the hall from my friends place.I would bath my son and i would hang his facecloth on the towel holder and i would turn my back for like not even 3 mins and turn back it would be across my bathroom. The other time was i just finished hanging up my christmas decorations well i have these angel ortaments and i had it hung on my cilling well all of a sudden it looked like it was ripped of and was chucked at my front window at the same time i was walking passed the kitchen and the lid to my garbage bin started swinging open and shut.Th other time i was across the hall at my friends house typeing this to you and all of a sudden i felt something gabbing into my back and it hurt so i asked my friends to look at my back to see if i had something on it and they asked ware i got the scratch from and i didnt believe them so they took a picture of my back with my cell phone but the thing is there was noone behind me

    11/27/11 @ 23:57
    Comment from: Kayla Jackson [Visitor]  
    Kayla Jackson

    my suggestion would have to be Queen Street in Midland by Elizabeth Street, apparently there was an old doctor named Dr.Tanner who was pretty popular in Midland way back, people say there was a morgue in the basement of the old Tanner building on the corner, and after Tanners passing many people have seen weird things, i would really like to know because i lived across the street (edited to remove exact address) which apparently use to be an old funeral home, creepy

    01/14/12 @ 20:54
    Comment from: Broad St Haunt [Visitor]  
    Broad St Haunt

    There is a house owned by some long time friends of mine on Broad St in Penetanguishene that is quite haunted. I have personally seen a full bodied apparition there in the kitchen and did so with other witnesses present. It is a private home so I would have to ask permission of the home owners before giving the exact location. To this day there is almost nightly activity in the home mostly in the kitchen. Cupboards open and slam shut at night, pots and pans rattle, glasses clink and footsteps can be easily heard. The front screen door also opens fully and slams shut by itself even on perfectly still evenings. The owners and guests feel very uneasy in the finished basement which they don’t use at all now. They suspect the home is haunted by the former owner who died suddenly before he was able to finish the renovation of the kitchen.

    01/31/12 @ 00:00
    Comment from: 2 more local spots for you [Visitor]  
    2 more local spots for you

    Lafontaine is said to have a house that is so haunted that a number of people moved out within a few months of moving in. It sat empty for a while for sale too as no one wanted to buy or rent it so the story goes.

    I went for a drive a few years ago with a friend who was born and raised in the area but who hadn’t been there for a long time and we tried to find it. We came across a house that she was sure was it and there was a very creepy looking heavy metal couple sitting on the porch and the house was clearly occupied. For some reason they just seemed like the type who would like a place like that. I’m not sure if they still live there but I have heard about that house from a number of independent sources around the Tiny, Penetang and Midland areas. Its on Lafontaine Rd around Cedar Point Rd. North side, brown/reddish brick 1 story house, was sort of rundown last I saw it. That’s all I can remember about the description and exact location.

    Also, the Beck House on Fox St in Penetang is said to be extremely haunted. I was told that people have moved out of the apartments there due to the activity and ghostly figures and strange lights can be regularly seen in the windows of any vacant apartments. One story I heard first hand was that a female friend moved out because she kept getting touched during the night and her daughter would not sleep in her room alone.

    01/31/12 @ 00:20
    Comment from: Discovery Ghosts [Visitor]  
    Discovery Ghosts

    I’ll share one more….Captain Roberts Table restaurant in Discovery Harbour is very haunted. I was at a wedding reception there about 5 years ago and went down to the basement to use the washroom. There was no one else down there and I was using the urinal and I heard someone else clearly enter the washroom and walk up behind me. I began to speak and turn around and there was no one there. I finished quickly and ran upstairs fast. When I told my hosts what had happened they laughed at me and told me the place was haunted. One of their relatives worked there who was at the wedding and she told me that she witnessed on several occasions glasses and cutlery moving on their own, she and other staff heard footsteps in the loft area almost nightly and she refused to work in the building alone and finally quit. A very eerie place for sure.

    01/31/12 @ 00:37
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thanks so much for sharing these with us, and yes for privacy sake we ask that no shares exact addresses of private homes. Will have to visit Captain Roberts sometime soon :)

    02/01/12 @ 08:21
    Comment from: Diane [Visitor]  

    The Queen St. house that I lived in as a child was very active. Every night at 11:00 we would here foot steps coming up the stairs and the dog would growel, then become winey and I would know that the dark figure would be standing at my doorway any moment. I remember hearing the dishes move at night and the swivel rocking chair squeek. A hand has touched me more than once too…Nightmares all the time, I tell you. That house had a fire once because I saw that there were charred beames at the very back of the house. In the time my parents lived at this place they had 2 fires and after selling the next owners had a fire. Is that house wanting to burn or what? There are many events that happened in that creepy place. What a childhood!!!!

    02/07/12 @ 08:22
    Comment from: rachelle [Visitor]  

    everyone knows the story about Tom coffin being murdered right? if not you can look it up. it happened in penatang about 14 years ago. anyways I am now dating his son and I feel as if Tom is trying to speak to me to tell his son something. I need help to understand if this is really happening, I need to help my boyfriend connect with him.

    03/26/12 @ 19:54
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thank you for commenting. I’m not a psychic, so beyond advising you to maybe trying asking out loud for a sign as to what the message might be or guidance, and then paying attention to your own intuition I cannot really help. If you think psychical help may be needed by best suggestion is to contact the Spiritualist Church of Canada for any members near to you. The Spiritualist Church of Canada here is their web page http://www.spiritualistchurchofcanada.com/ is a collective of psychics and sensitives that is organized and see their “gifts” as “gifts"… and as such, they do not ever charge to help people. They will charge for readings and seminars, but not to assist someone in need. They would be in a better position to advise from a psychic perspective.

    03/27/12 @ 12:31
    Comment from: chad [Visitor]  

    I had a nightmare which i was in along with my sister and mother. We were part of paranormal team and I believe most of the team had gone crazy. At one point in the nightmare someone was boiling catso the could remove the fur to prepare it for dinner and apparently no one had a problem with that except me and my sister who finnaly came around to believe that I was telling the truth about the cat.The team in my dream was there to apparently help cast out an evil ghost in the house. I remember myself being part of the ritual using holy water and throwing some up in a cubbard where i believed the ghost was at.Then somewhere along the nightmare I go into another room to pour myself a drink of kool aide from a pitcher and all of a sudden a baby in a nighchair was there reaching for me behind my back a; dead baby. What can this mean? I was wondering if anyone has heard of any cases like this happening. I have very lucid dreams and have been known to actually have dreams of things to come in the future.

    05/07/12 @ 08:58
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Hello, and thank you for writing and sharing your dream. This sounds very much like a nightmare. Dreams and dream interpretation are not our area of expertise, so you may want to Google search for a dream interpretation site that might be able to help you figure your dream out. Good luck!

    05/07/12 @ 11:38
    Comment from: Kyle [Visitor]  

    I know of a house that is haunted in midland forsure.It was an old buddys house from highschool.I still remember the first time i slept over.It wasnt till the next morning i was i felt creepy.it was when he asked me how my sleep was.i had said fine other then some weird noise in the room.He replied my house is haunted. It was the door underneath the stairs that was making the noise he said right at the end of the bed.thats when i told him iam never sleeping in that room again.But that didnt matter because i soon found out it was the whole house.examples. In the basement the stereo would turn ln at like 2 3 am while you were in dead sleep or while partying use turn its self down.but the one that got.me the most was onenight. After he had a party me and a few friends at the time where still up in the upstairs livingroom when i loud banging happened. I went to see were it came from.when we hurd it again.but this time rigt infront of me.it was coming from his little sisters bedroom. She nor his parents where home.i thought one of the other guys sleeping there were just playing around so i opened the door.the smell that came from her room it was awful. But to my surprise there was noone in there when i turned on the lights just a cold chill.when i shut the door it pounded even louder. I ran to the livingroom with the other friends.and just brushed it off till i hurd nosie in the kitchen and saw some of there cupboards opening. And closing.still one of the weridest things ive seen.that and a crazy flash of super bright light in my grandmas place after my grandfather’s death.i would love to give to the address in midland but i am not really friends with my old highschool buddy his parents still live there.just thought i would share the story. :)

    06/01/12 @ 18:15
    Comment from: Sue [Visitor]

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. And yes, thank you for not posting exact addresses here. We try to respect the privacy of current owners.

    06/01/12 @ 19:17
    Comment from: Ben Saulnier [Visitor]
    Ben Saulnier

    Hey there.

    I’ve got quite a bunch of tales. I’ve lived here pretty well my whole life outside of 4 years in Kingston for college.

    Let’s start at the earliest. When I was still a toddler, my family lived at (edited for privacy of owners) in Penetang. My dad continuously heard me talking to a “Mary". He thought it was an imaginary friend of mine until I began telling stories of his youth that even my grandparents had no idea occurred. It turned out “Mary” used to be an older woman who babysat my father. She would make sure my younger siblings were tucked in at night.

    Also in the basement of the house there was a small room that was originally used as wood storage. My siblings and I were terrified of going in there due to the “Growling Man". My dad said that when he would walk in with him we’d move around and be all jumpy as if someone was striking at us.

    Nothing too notable occured until my sister and I moved to (edited for privacy of owners). The downstairs neighbour told us that a little girl was haunting the house and showed us really phony pics. We dismissed it, but little things started happening. It started with a small creak in the hall, soft knocks and bumps that you’d expect from an older building. Then it started to be more patterned. Instead of a small creak, it was continueous as if someone was hopping on that section to make it creak. Full footsteps in my bedroom, small touches. Very creepy, and hard to ignore. My nephew was a newborn and his small mobile would turn itself on the moment he would cry. Giggles were heard a few times. I had a friend who slept on my couch for a month…he claimed to hear someone walking behind the couch, whispers and giggles, and feeling poked.

    In this time I also liked to drive around the area in my spare time. One night two friends of mine were on a drive with me and just outside of Wyevale something jumped into the bed of my truck. I have two lights for the rear of the truck to see into the bed but they would not turn on. We could see the shape of a large man with bright red eyes, he kept leaning towards the back window of the truck. My one friend was in the back seat and he said it felt like the man in the back wanted to grab him. I kept driving the truck forward, afraid to stop. Before we hit the next town, the man jumped out of the back of the truck and was gone. I’ve tried a few times to see if the man will hop in again. So far, nothing.

    I’ve also encountered soldiers on an old backroad while driving with my friend in the fog. It’s happened twice on the same road in the fog. Other times when they aren’t seen, people i’m with feel ill or like someone is looking at us.

    I moved to my parents after my dad passed and we would hear his computer load up and typing on the keyboard without anyone being there. My brother would catch glimpses of him. I could hear him cough and laugh at times.

    The last apartment i lived in before this one was (edited for privacy of owners) Our apartment definitely had something in it. Our first night I was laying in bed and could’ve sworn someone ran into the room and right at me. But nothing was there when i sat up. From our bedroom we could hear dishes being moved, furniture creaking, footsteps and our dog would growl and bark at something in the hall. We would hear people walking as upstairs but there is no upstairs just the roof. My girlfriend was sitting the one night while i was at work. She looked over at our movie shelf just in time to see a movie come flying out and hit her in the face, leaving a scratch. Our dog would also bark at the kitchen and you’d hear something moving in there. Lights turned on by themselves, doors open and close. We left the one day but I came back to every light in the house on, our gas fire place on full blast, all the doors and cupboards opened. Things would move around, food would go missing only to reappear weeks later. My girlfriend cleaned out the whole freezer once looking for something she had bought. Two weeks later i go to put something in there and what she was looking for was sitting right at the front of the freezer. After we moved out, I went back to clean and I could hear someone walking around while I was cleaning the bathroom.

    06/06/12 @ 14:12
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thanks for sharing but please do not share exact addresses of private residences or businesses. Cheers!

    06/07/12 @ 20:30
    Comment from: Lupa Bardy [Visitor]
    Lupa Bardy

    I live on Frederick St. in Midland which opens into the parking lot of the Rec Centre, which is also home to the Huron Indian Village and Museum. I have had several experiences in my house alone, and in the park, along the road, at the spot they dedicated to the bones they dug up during construction of the Rec Centre. There are several graveyards that are great for EVP’s such as the one in Penetang that Mr. Beck is buried in. I am a single investigator and have several places ranging from Midland, down Fuller Avenue to Penetang. Anyone can contact me and I can take them on a tour.

    07/14/12 @ 18:24
    Comment from: BC [Visitor]

    What an interesting site! I owned a house on Wolfe Street in Penetanguishene. It was built by a Captain who operated a tow boat service. The brick house was built with ballasts brought over in larger ships from England. He had a family of nine boys. Every night just after 7 pm I could hear the kids being shuffled off to bed. When I had visitors, they would ask what the noise was, and I would say mom’s just putting the boys to bed. All of the spirits in the house are friendly.
    However, in the carriage house, a man committed suicide and it is definitely haunted. Items would be moved or disappear all together and once a rope appeared through the rafters down the stairwell where he took his life… I didn’t put the rope there!
    I have since sold the house.
    I have an antique store in the area, and it is naturally full of spirits. Most are friendly, but every once in awhile I get an angry one. I was moving a bunch of boxes on a dolly and the boxes just fell over, almost like they jumped off! I often smell fresh flowers and roses… I think the spirits are happy someone appreciates their belongings.

    08/31/12 @ 10:53
    Comment from: Vanessa Moreau [Visitor]  
    Vanessa Moreau

    I just found this site and I think it’s awesome to have so many stories that are so close to home. This story that I’m about to tell you happened to me and a group of friends about 4 years ago. Now, I am a complete freak when it comes to spirits and ghosts. They completely freak me out to the point that I’m 22 years old and am still scared of the dark and will never sleep with my back to an open space, it has to be facing the wall lol.

    Anyway, so a group of us were hanging out at my parents house when I was still living at home and we got talking about hauntings and ghosts. One of my friends brought up the story about the old Veternary Building on the corner of King and Galloway, and was saying that a newly married couple lived there back in the day before it was a Vet hospital. The story is that the night of their wedding they came home and the husband murdered his wife. So just for kicks, we dicided to take a walk over and check it out. My parents live beside St. T’s highschool, so we were very close to the place anyways. It was probably after 9:00, it was dark out anyways, and one of my guy friends had a camera and decided to take some pictures. This was before the place had the upper floor renovated so it looked extra creepy and like I said it was dark, and you know how I feel about the dark -_-. So he’s taking pictures of the windows upstairs, the builing itself, and pictures of all of us standing infront of it.

    We ended up leaving, we hadn’t seen a thing and thought the whole stroy was a bunch of bull. We get back to my place and we were looking over the pictures. All the pictures were normal, except for one. And in that picture, you wouldn’t believe what we saw. He had taken a picture of my girlfriend and her boyfriend, but you could see the upstairs window at the back of the building in the photo. And in that window stood a woman, you could see her perfectly. You could see a tight bun on the very top of her head (it may have been an old hat too, but looked more like her hair was pulled into a tight bun), you could see the outline of her head, neck and upper body, and she was standing there in a wedding dress (or some kind of dress anyway), holding her hands out like she was holding something infront of her stomache (a boquet maybe). Like I said, when we were actually at the place we didn’t see a damn thing, but this is no lie, there was a woman in that picture. She looked like a white foggy figure, you couldn’t make out her facial features or anything like that but it was definately a woman standing there in a big poofy dress. We were all freaked out, we even showed my Mom the picture, and she doesn’t believe in anything related to ghosts and spirits and she saw the woman perfectly. Till this day when we talk about it she says “what I remember the most was Pat’s face (my buddy that took the photo) he looked exactly like he’d seen a ghost".

    09/14/12 @ 12:11
    Comment from: Tracy [Visitor]  

    Hello I live on Queen Street in Midland I have lived in this old house for over 5 years now. This house has been identified as historic its over 105 years old. It is now into 3 apartments. When I moved downstairs with my family we started noticing little things, first just a weird feeling, then somewhat progressed. The first thing that happened was a dark figure that would always come around at night and give you a very scary feeling almost as though it was crawling under your skin. So I decided that the best thing would be to pray about it and hope it went away after a short period of time it stopped. My dog would also notice this. But after this dark thing went away then a small child started to come around, I would say it was a little boy around 4-7. He would mock my children and what they would say, to get my attention I’m assuming. Ive seen him out of the corner of my eye a few times. And when my daughter was about a year or so old it was as if she was playing with the little boy she would reply to him. Then he just left I haven’t seen him or felt him in a long time. I have also had experiences when I lived with my parents on Brock Street in Penetang. We had dark figures move around, TV’s go on and off, radios come on that were un plugged! We had doors slam shut and I mean ones that were hard to close! I would just like to mention to anyone that might be afraid of anything in their home…do not be afraid that will give it more power over you, just simply pray about it and God will keep you safe!! That’s some of my stories hope you enjoy!

    06/17/13 @ 23:01
    Comment from: Brayden [Visitor]  

    I live out on Vindin street, and for all us locals we know how bad Midland swamp is… quit horrifying

    06/21/13 @ 16:18
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. :)

    06/25/13 @ 09:22
    Comment from: Chantelle [Visitor]

    The house my boyfriend was living in for nearly 20 years is definitely active. It’s on Curry Road in Penetanguishene. Big old farm house. The original owner died of a heart attack in the chicken coupe, and then the Elizabeth Whalen murder happened directly in front of the house… So it’s easy to figure out why it has activity. His oldest son claims to have seen the figure of a man out in the field where the coupe used to be, as well as that of a young woman coming out of the front upstairs bedroom in the middle of the night. We did a bunch of renovations on the house earlier this year and a couple weird things happened. My guy was laying flooring and a set of chimes started dinging on their own, 2 or 3 times. A saw fell with a loud crash in the living room when we were upstairs. When he was ripping the old floor up he noticed that the original owner had used newspapers as either insulation or underlay (from about 1953), so we attributed the activity to the disturbance of these. I have heard that touching anything that a spirit might be attached to can cause such a stir up. Also, while renovating I was taking photos of the progress and I was floored by how many of them had orbs. In one that I took of the living room, I’d bet there are at least 60… Which is funny, because a friend of ours with a strong 6th sense told me that she had an uneasy feeling about the basement door… Which is in the living room. I also have photos of the basement, as well full of orbs. And the last thing about this house to report on is that I was there alone one night, cleaning out the basement, and heard very distinctive footsteps coming from the second floor. My heart jumped into my throat and it didn’t take me long to get the hell out of there! Beautiful old house, but very uneasy… Especially since it’s in the country. It gets pretty black out there at night.

    07/23/13 @ 01:07
    Comment from: Denise [Visitor]  

    I grew up in Midland in the Hugel Ave and Lindsay St area. MY grandfather built the house that we lived in and all the members of our family swear that the house has spirits. We never saw anything but there is one bedroom at the back of the house that was always icy cold. There is a storage room at the end of the hallway upstairs and you always had the feeling that someone was watching you. I can remember my mom, my sister and I looking for a handbag in the cupboard in her room over and over again. Then after she did not need the bag anymore, there it was right there in the cupboard. All our friends growing up would say they always felt a little uneasy. Also in response to Brock Therrien’s post. My sister and I both had the same type of experience in our neighborhood when we were young. I was on Lindsay St. and my sister was on Hugel Ave. It was the same night but at different times. I don’t recall hearing anything but something made me turn around. I saw something and to this day I could not say what it was but it was not on the ground and it was opaque and almost glowing. I ran all the way home and when I got in the door I looked out the window and I assume I had the look of fear on my face. My sister said “Did you see it too?” We described the same thing to each other but at two different places in the same area and at differnet times.

    08/10/13 @ 15:56
    Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]  

    I would like to know what the purpose is of your investigating team as you are asking for public places and not private residences. Is this just for personal use and amusement? which by all means I understand but I am looking for a team to handle more personal claims.
    I live here in Midland, and know of plenty places that seem to be haunted in this area and that of our neighbouring town Penetang that I would love to share, but am on the hunt right now for this. Thank you for your time

    10/26/13 @ 15:19
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for your question. We are not ghost hunters, but researchers who document reports of the paranormal around the province. Our main website is located here: http://www.ontarioghosts.org With that said we are interested in private residence reports, however for the sake of safety and privacy of property owners exact addresses should not be shared publicly on this blog. You can contact us privately through our website or by email submissions@ontarioghosts.org Hope this helps answer your question. Sue

    10/27/13 @ 19:31
    Comment from: katherine [Visitor]  

    To be honest with you this is one off most peaceful places I have ever lived. If there is any hunting around here it would be very unusual. If your looking for a place off uneasy ghosts, check out Cambridge, Ontario. Galt area. Lived there 12 years and to tell you in my experience Cambridge will suck the living soul out off you.

    12/27/13 @ 19:02
    Comment from: Derick [Visitor]

    Don’t forget about the “Murday” boxes buried all around the Penetanguishene and Midland area that are believed to be haunted.

    02/25/14 @ 20:01
    Comment from: Murday [Visitor]

    Ghosts are real, the memories of people are the ghosts, for it’s the memories that haunt us.

    Two hundred years ago, hundreds of soldiers died defending this great town.

    Look around you, everywhere you look businesses and jobs closing, people fleeing the town, trying to escape the this town’s curse.

    The Beck house, haunted by the wealthy family, and caretakers of this town.

    The Museum, filled with the undying memories of this town’s defenders.

    The thousands of restless spirits who wander in this town.

    Up at the point lies the Super Jail, Institution and Asylum, all riddled with death and disease.

    The four cemeteries that occupy this town are growing everyday.

    The one church standing atop this town has grown cold and empty, there is no God, not here.

    Every winter you hear of another foolish person who drowned in the lake, that lake has claimed countless lives.

    This town serves as a final resting place, this is where people come to die, you will never leave this town,

    when death comes for you, your spirit will wander in this town forever, this is your home, you belong here, with us.

    02/26/14 @ 11:21
    Comment from: Paul [Visitor]

    I have a cousin who used to live in Midland as child. I won’t say the address but it was on Third street a few doors down from a church. The house was very large and it was supposedly used as a hospital at one point in the towns history. My cousin saw an apparition of someone hanging themselves in the front entrance. There was also an incident where my uncle had a glass of water explode in his hand. My cousin would tell me about a crucifix that he had found in the house and it would move by itself.
    I remember visiting my cousin on a few occasions through the years. I always felt like someone was watching me. I never had any visual experiences…just sensations. I felt most uneasy in the basement and the attic. The sensations made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Anyway. This was about 30 years ago.

    I never looked into the history of the house so I can’t confirm the hospital aspect. Maybe someone has had the same experience as I did in that area of town.

    03/30/14 @ 22:25
    Comment from: Lee [Visitor]  

    I work in what used to be the old hospital, primarily working nights and have had many experiences that I couldn’t explain.

    One night when my partner went for break, I was working away and out of no where I heard some one say “hello” (VERY clearly, it sounded like a younger women’s voice), I looked around and heard “hello” again. I thought one of the people from the other building had come over but no one was there.
    I checked every single room to make sure none of the residents were awake (even though I know all of their voices and this voice did not belong to any of them) or I thought maybe some one left their TV on. Nothing. By the time my partner came back I was in sheer panic searching every room.

    Another night I went for my break,sitting outside I just happened to look up at the big window to the TV room. I saw some one walk over to the couch and sit down. Not really paying attention to what the person looked like, I figured my partner went to watch TV. Returning from break, my partner was sitting at the nurses station (which startled me). I said “oh I thought you went to watch TV", she looked at me like I had two heads. When I told her that I had seen some one sit down in the TV room, she informed me that she had been at the nurses station the whole time and that no one had gone past her (that’s the only way any one would be able to get to that TV room). I thought she was joking, I went to investigate thinking maybe she had not noticed some one walk by her, but no one was there..
    I’ve had other people tell me that they had the same experience.

    I also worked nights at a nursing home in Penetanguishene. One night I was walking down the hallway to go to my unit. I was looking at my phone, but I could still sort of see down the hallway and I saw what looked to be an old woman, with long white hair in a nightgown coming out of the stairwell. I looked up and no one was there. It scared me so bad that I ended up running to my unit.

    06/05/14 @ 10:55
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us :)

    06/06/14 @ 11:27

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