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    A Jinxed Ship


      09:22:59 am, by Sue   , 146 words  
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    A Jinxed Ship

    The story of the Great Eastern is a rather intriguing one for those who are interested in curses, jinxes, and doomed ships.

    The giant ship that laid the first Atlantic cable from Europe to North America arrived at Heart's Content Newfoundland in 1866. It was said to be a "jinxed" ship.

    It took 3 months to get her launched after which she endured explosions, and mutinies that killed in total 3 dozen men. Many people claimed she had become cursed because two riveters had become sealed into her hull during construction.

    This is how she looked during part of the building phase.

    Some ridiculed the idea that the men could possibly have been sealed up inside her...BUT when the huge ship was taken apart for scrap in 1889 workmen discovered two skeletons, and riveter's tools inside of her!

    Sources: It Happened In Canada By: Gordon Johnston

    Image Credits: BBC


    Comment from: jackie [Visitor]  

    wow…that’s creepy…

    06/08/08 @ 21:19
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    JS -> It is an eerie story eh!

    06/15/08 @ 07:28
    Comment from: Perrius Maximus [Visitor]
    Perrius Maximus

    There were no skeletons found inside of Great Eastern. That is urban legend. Folks said the same thing of Titanic and Hoover Dam. Great Eastern had an ample number of inspection hatches installed in her inner hull, which would have made being trapped impossible.

    08/19/13 @ 18:13

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