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    Freaky Friday - Haunted Road Putnam Ontario


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    Freaky Friday - Haunted Road Putnam Ontario

    Each Friday we will have a look at the stories and experiences that have been related to us over the years that are amongst our personal favourites. These will include Crypto, Ghosts, Hauntings, UFO's, and other strange events that may be considered Fortean, from in around the Toronto, Canada area .... and since they are from our own personal files will likely not be found elsewhere on the web .... enjoy!

    Throughout the TGHRS website you will find several examples of reportedly haunted stretches of road. Here is possibly another:

    Haunted Road - Putnam, Ontario

    "I cant remember what year it was, only that it was in the early 90's. I lived in London and commuted to Ingersoll every day to a factory job. I didn't like the 401 so I would take Hamilton Road, which goes directly from London to Ingersoll.

    One morning I had the weirdest experience during my drive to work. It was mid to late October and still dark- about 6:30am. Hamilton road at that time would enter Putnam with a "jog" to the left, and you'd cross a bridge. The bridge has since been replaced with a straighter stretch.

    Anyway, I was doing my usual 85/kmh towards Putnam. As I entered the "jog" and came onto the bridge there in the oncoming lane was a guy in a wheelchair. He looked about 21 years old, and had shoulder length black hair. I believe he had a beard. He had a white t-shirt on and jeans. It was pretty cool out and he had no coat. He didn't even look at me and stared straight ahead, wheeling the wheelchair-heading westbound. He was right in the oncoming lane, and not too the side. Any sane person would have flinched when I came around the "jog" as I was doing a good clip. I shouted "Holy S*it" as he really startled me!

    I could see him in my rear view mirror when I passed. It shook me up pretty good as I felt if he was any closer I would have hit him!

    A co-worker was always a couple of minutes behind me so when I got to work I waited in the parking lot for him. I said to him "Did you see that crazy person in Putnam, in the wheelchair, in the middle of the oncoming lane?". He gave me that "what the hell are you talking about?" look and said "No".

    So.. was he real or a ghost? What freaked me out was how he was (seemingly) oblivious to my presence. I'd love to hear from anyone who has ever been to Putnam and experienced any strange activity there."

    Our thanks to the witness for this report. It is quite possible that this incident involved a living person and not a ghost. However, the area in which this occurred is rumoured to be haunted.

    Do you have a real life ghost story, an encounter with a UFO, or other paranormal experience/s you'd like to share? If so, we'd love to hear from you! Post your own experiences in our comments section or send us an email. Please post only true life experiences ... we love good fiction, but there are other fantastic blogs out there to post fictional accounts to.


    Comment from: Faith [Visitor]  

    Ohhhh holy shit, I bet that person’s heart was pounding triple time! Great story and I hope it was a real ghost and not just a crazy living person! That’d be so awesome. :D

    08/17/07 @ 02:25
    Comment from: David Ginger [Visitor]  
    David Ginger

    I know of a genuine tale of a haunted road, The Wakehurst Parkway, which is down under in Sydney Australia


    08/17/07 @ 07:20

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