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    Ghosts, U.F.O.s, Something Else? You Decide.....


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    Ghosts, U.F.O.s, Something Else? You Decide.....

    Another interesting report from "Haunted" Canada ....

    Wooler, Ontario - Private Residence

    In what appears to be a case of 'haunt and run', a farmhouse in Wooler, Ontario, Canada was invaded by poltergeists on July 2nd, 1968.

    The family reported that they saw weird flashing and hovering lights above a hill to the North. Now, this sounds like a UFO encounter and it might have been strictly locked into that genre except that thereafter they experienced poltergeist phenomena with moving furniture, dishes breaking, loud inexplicable noises and then, heavy shadowy apparitions being seen.

    The phenomena gradually ceased leaving a scent of roses.

    Was this a poltergeist? A ghost? A UFO/alien encounter?

    It is pointed out by researchers that some people that have an encounter with alien/UFO phenomena above and beyond sighting one in the distance do experience what we, as ghost researchers, refer to as poltergeist phenomena.

    According to the book, Mysteries of Ontario, the 'ghost' was not seen again after leaving it's smell of roses.

    Our thanks to our dear friend and consultant to our website/s Canadian author John Robert Columbo.


    Comment from: Dave [Visitor]

    Hmmm, interesting case of a ‘one shot’. You have to wonder how many of those happen but go unreported.

    08/14/06 @ 16:54
    Comment from: Admin [Member]  

    Hi Dave, I think probably a lot, because people in general still do not feel to comfortable going public with their own experiences.


    08/14/06 @ 18:44
    Comment from: benny [Visitor]  

    ok I live in wooler so where would this be be be located now?

    06/24/07 @ 08:47
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Benny -> Thank you for your query. We cannot give out residential addresses as it is against our privacy policy, which is compliant with the Ontario Privacy Act of 2004. Sorry.

    06/24/07 @ 12:26

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