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    Sunday Smackdown ...... Penn & Teller's Ghost *BS*


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    Sunday Smackdown ...... Penn & Teller's Ghost *BS*

    As researchers and documentarians of Fortean topics including reported ghosts and hauntings we've watched their show on ghost hunters ... and were rather disappointed at the one-sided, and myopic view they've presented of the topic.

    Certainly they point out many of the same grievances with ghost busters that we do and have covered in our previous Sunday Smackdowns. However, because we do not subscribe to the notion that everyone who has reported experiencing this phenomenon over the centuries is either a liar, suffering mental illness, deluded, and/or charlatans we must be a combination of these ourselves!

    Despite the fact that "we're" on the same page on a lot of stuff... and we work with professional scientists through universities and consult with "sceptical" organizations according to them we should be branded as "woo-woo," mocked for our lack of "science," and basically told to shut-up and sit down ..

    We are on good terms with folks in "Skeptics Canada"... and their own leaders call these types "Autodebunkers" and "Remotedebunkers" as they call everything BS without properly examining things... Armchair researchers and investigators who will reach for often ludicrous explanations such as Venus rising in the North to explain certain UFO's that have no basis in serious scientific inquiry.

    Sceptics doubt... they do not deny.

    When someone says, "I'm a sceptic! I don't believe in that crap!", they're wrong... they're a non-believer. And non-believers will go equally as far as too true-believers to state that they know everything, and anyone who differs from their views is wrong. All along ignoring what we like to call the "inconvenient facts" and presenting very slanted one-sided opinions.

    If we walk up to you drinking a soda and say, "This is the BEST can of pop in the world!" and you say, "I don't know, I'm sceptical about that..." YOU ARE NOT SAYING, "That can of pop does not exist. You are not drinking that can of pop. Only idiots would believe in that can of pop."

    If you are an actual sceptic you should be saying, "I don't know ... I need to have better evidence." And may we dare suggest that you consider having a drink of the soda, before forming your final opinion .. VOILA .. real scepticism!

    Isn't it weird how so many non-believers usurp the term "sceptic" to make themselves sound ... well ... intelligent more so than they probably are.

    Realistically the fact that they don't understand the very meaning of the word shows that they are pseudo-intellectuals at best.

    Don't believe us? Find out about a GREAT man named Marcello Truzzi.


    We do believe that strange things are experienced... that people DO feel that they have seen/experienced/witnessed what is labelled as ghosts and hauntings.

    The question is NOT "does it happen"... the question is and always has been "What is the causation?"

    ...and we don't have one pat answer for everything... nor does anyone else.

    Penn and Teller are entertaining... and fun.....but in many of the things we've seen with them, it's more propaganda than it is documentary... showing only one side and one conclusion... and ignoring everything else.

    Hey, it's those "Inconvenient Facts" that no one likes, right?

    If EVERYTHING that "normal, sane, intelligent" people believed was true and the woo-woos were always wrong, boy we'd be back in the dark ages... Hypothesis and yes, even theorem MUST come from what the "normal" world would consider at one time a nutter... "Without deviation, there is no progress." to quote the GREAT Frank Zappa.

    And finally for those who have either considered the possibility or have witnessed something they cannot readily explain, or knows someone like a favoured Aunt, parent, sibling, or friend who may confide that they once had an encounter with a ghost ... they are NOT the "fu%$king idiots" that these stage magicians have so eloquently called them, but for the most part normal, everyday people who just may have happened to be a part of something extraordinary ...


    Comment from: Battlerocker [Visitor]

    Very well said. You are exactly right. And neither is science the end all be all of an answer. If you look at any day prior to today you can probably find a scientific fact discovered that has since been proven wrong. Saying definitively something isn’t so is exactly as much of a reach as saying it is.

    08/13/06 @ 21:09
    Comment from: Admin [Member]  

    Thanks Battlerocker!

    What bothers me is when they state they speak for science, and they so obviously don’t.

    And no, I don’t think that knowledge is limitless either, and that everything there is to know has already been discovered.


    08/13/06 @ 22:18

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