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    Freaky Friday ....1411 Nash Road, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


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    Freaky Friday ....1411 Nash Road, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

    Each Friday we will have a look at the stories and experiences that have been related to us over the years that are amongst our personal favourites. These will include Crypto, Ghosts, UFO's and other strange events that may be considered Fortean from in around the Toronto, Canada area .... and since they are from our own personal files will likely not be found elsewhere on the web .... enjoy!

    1411 Nash Road - Oshawa

    "Only under very rare circumstances will we ever publish an exact address of a private residence. The following report is one of those rare exceptions. The house in question no longer exists and the property is now part of a shopping centre. In the witnesses own words:

    My ex husband, two kids, and I, moved to 1411 Nash Road, in either 1983, or 1984. The first time I ever noticed anything about that house, was before we moved into it. It was a 4 bedroom house, and the people who rented it before us, had all sons. They had rented it, for either 2 years or 4 years that is the only thing I cannot remember. Two of the bedrooms, were at the end of a hallway, right across from each other. One of them, was painted yellow, and had Holly Hobbie, wallpaper in it. I thought that was odd, considering the family renting it had all sons. The owners of the house told us, that the family that lived there before the one with the sons, had twin daughters, and that is who did up the little girls bedroom. I was never clear, as to whether they were owners or renters as well. Before we moved in, we were told that we could paint any rooms we wanted. We had decided to leave the little girls room, as it was.

    One night, I was painting one of the walls in the master bedroom. I felt like I was being watched...the hair on the back of my neck stood on end, and I had the worse chill. I kept looking down the hall, at the doorway to the room, that was going to be my daughter's, and I went down there a couple of times to look. Of course there was nobody there, and both the kids were asleep on the living room floor.

    We moved in, and everything was fine. About 3 months later, I was sitting in the living room, reading. My ex, worked afternoon shift, and I used to sit up and wait for him. There was a side door, in the house, that led to a room, where the well pump was. From that room, there was a door to the kitchen. I was sitting on a couch, that faced the kitchen, I had heard, the door, to the room where the pump was, click shut. I looked up from my book, and saw what I thought was a woman in a nightgown/robe, in the kitchen. When I got up to look there was nobody there, I checked all the windows, and doors, they were locked up. Both of the kids were in bed sound asleep.

    Not long after that night, my daughter, who was only 3 at the time, was playing in her bedroom, on one of those horses, that bounce up and down on springs. I saw a shadow in the hallway, and heard my daughter saying something over and over again. I went to look, she had the horse in the hallway...she was bouncing on it saying "I hate my room" over and over again. I told her she had to play in her room, and pulled the horse back. She pulled it back out into the hallway, and did the same thing. All she kept saying is I hate my room.

    After that things started happening on a more regular basis. My daughter came to me on more then one occasion, telling me about the little girls that used to come into her room, and talk to her. When I asked her what two little girls? She said to me..."You know, the ones who look the same! She also mentioned a black dog, that she saw on top of the fridge, and in a vent. There was a day, that my daughter and son, were playing at a nearby park, and my daughter came home and told me that the two little girls were there, as well. I said what little girls? She just said you know...the ones that come into my bedroom sometimes.

    There was a night that I was in my bedroom, polishing my dresser top. All of a sudden I smelt the strongest scent of something, that was like flowers, or talc, only stronger. There was one day I was cleaning the bathroom, and got the worst feeling again of being watched, that sent a chill right through me.

    There was another night, that we had just gotten in from my parent;s house, and I was putting the kids to bed. When I was tucking my daughter in, I heard very heavy footsteps coming along, the back hall, towards my daughter's bedroom. I called out to my ex, nobody answered me. Then I heard the front door, open and close, my ex had been outside, taking out the garbage, nowhere near the hallway. I remember when I heard the footsteps, I was afraid.

    There was another night, that I heard light footsteps, running around in my son's bedroom. I said to my ex, our daughter is up, I will put her back to bed. When I got into the hallway to go to her bedroom. I saw a little girl, run from my son's room, into, hers....and it was not our child. I told my ex, you go check, I am not!!

    There was one day, my ex was having a nap before he had to go to work. I went to close the bedroom door, so the kids would not disturb him. I saw one corner of our comforter, go up about 2 or 3 feet into the air, then slowly go back down again. I closed the door to the room really quick.

    One night I was laying in bed reading, by then I was leaving just about every light in the house on. I am not sure what made me look, but I looked up at the doorway to our bedroom. When I did, I saw a man, walking into our room, from the waist down, just part of one leg entering, and part of a shirt, and waist. I thought for sure someone was in the house, so I threw the covers over my head. I am not sure how long I lay there like that, but after a certain length of time, when nothing happened, I peeked. I got up, and searched the house, everything was locked up.

    The last two nights we lived there, I was supposed to sleep in our daughter's bedroom, because my ex had taken the water out of our water bed. I would not go to sleep in there at night, because I was terrified of her room. I sat up on the couch all night both nights reading...and while I sat there reading, I could hear a baby crying, that came from my son's room. There was no way I was getting up to check on that! The other thing that happened there, was our daughter woke up every night, same time, in the middle of the night, screaming. She would always be sitting in the doorway of her bedroom, screaming at the top of her lungs.

    My parents who lived at the other end of the GTA, at the time, had only been there once to visit. All my mom said was, "she did not like that house"... and she did not know why, she just did not like it. I had never told her anything, that had happened there, not until after we had moved out.

    My mother in law, had also spent some time there...I had to have back surgery. She stayed for a few nights to look after the kids. I did not know until about 3 months after we moved away from there, that she had heard doors opening and closing. And my ex told me, that when he came home from work, his mother was sitting there, with the heat turned up full, and a winter coat on. She was supposed to be sleeping in our daughter's bedroom, but did not want to. She knew nothing that had been going on there, I did not tell her, until a few months after we moved. That is when I found out what she had experienced.

    We lived there a year then moved to another city in Durham county. About 6 months later, I fell asleep one afternoon. I had a very vivid dream, about the house that we had lived in, on Nash Road In my dream, I was back in that house, going down the hallway, towards my daughters bedroom. I saw a woman, in a nightgown, with her arms around two little girls. I saw a man's arm, going up in the air, then coming down towards them, and a lot of blood. Then I was all of a sudden standing in the doorway of the bedroom, that had been mine. I saw a man, from the waist down, and his feet were a few feet off of the floor, so I knew he was hanging. I never saw anything else...I woke up right after that.

    The funny thing is, the year we spent on Nash road, my ex, and my son, never saw or heard anything. My daughter is now, 25yrs. old, and she still remembers the black dog, and the two little girls, that came into her room to talk to her. She still remembers them being at the park one day, and she still tells me she remembers, they tried to push her off of a platform, she had climbed up, and was playing on. I remember her telling me that when she was 3 as well. My memories of that house are so vivid, it seems like it happened yesterday. I do believe whatever took place in that house was very violent, and took place in mu daughter's bedroom.

    I would think the right time frame would be around late 70's, maybe 77-79? That is just a guess on my part, if the people that rented before us were there for 4 years. I am assuming it was the family before them, because I do remember my landlord at the time saying that they had twin girls, and I think, we were told they had a baby as well, that had my son's bedroom.

    A few years. after I had moved out, I had bumped into an old friend. We were talking about where we used to live. I told him, I had moved from Oshawa. When he asked where in Oshawa, I told him Townline, and King, area. He said to me, did you know, there was a murder/suicide in that area...I said no. He said to me, that some man had gone berserk in the middle of the night, killed his wife, children, then he thinks he went and hung himself. I had met a woman in Durham, and same thing, we were talking about where we used to live. When I said Townline and King area, she said to me..."Did you know there is a house in that area that is haunted"? I said no where? She described Nash Road to me, exactly where it was off of Townline, and told me exactly which house it was....2nd one in the right, just off of Townline. She also described the house to me, it was the same one we had lived in for a year. From what I had understood from her, it was quite well known in that area. She had told me that a woman had murdered her husband and kids, then committed suicide.

    I still don't know what happened in that house all those years. ago, but as I said, I am sure it was violent. I never did believe in haunted houses, or anything of that nature, until I had lived there. And I have never forgotten it."

    In following up on the above report PSICAN also interviewed the now adult daughter of the primary witness. Below we share her thoughts and memories of 1411 Nash Road:

    "I was roughly three years old at the time, but still remember many of the events that took place. Most of the events (for me) involved two little girls - I believe they were twins. I remember telling my mother that I would go out to the park (behind our house) with them at night. Although I don't actually know whether or not I ever did leave our house at night, I do remember one time when I was at the park during the day with just one of the girls, we were in a tree house, and she was trying to push me out of it. There was another occurrence that stuck with me, and that was one involving a large black dog. In the wall at the end of my bed was a large vent, upon waking up in the middle of the night once, I looked across my room and seen this black dog sitting inside the vent. I got up to get a closer look but the dog was gone, I then walked through the house looking for the dog, when I found him in the kitchen on top of the fridge, I cannot remember what happened once I found him. That is about all I can vividly remember anymore, although I know when I was younger I remembered a lot more and had told my mother about what I had seen. I hope this helpful to you."

    Our thanks to both witnesses for sharing these experiences with us!

    Do you have a real life ghost story, an encounter with a UFO, or other paranormal experience/s you'd like to share? If so, we'd love to hear from you! Post your own experiences in our comments section or send us an email. Please post only true life experiences ... we love good fiction, but there are other fantastic blogs out there to post fictional accounts to.


    Comment from: Mark Base [Visitor]
    Mark Base

    Riveting read. I love this blog, with your no-BS approach.

    All the best from Helsingborg, Sweden.

    07/21/06 @ 09:53
    Comment from: Admin [Member]  

    Thank you for your kind compliment and I am happy to hear you are enjoying our blog … :)



    07/21/06 @ 12:35
    Comment from: michele [Visitor]

    Once i was delivering papers
    in the 70’s and saw a sheet
    of light as bright as lightning
    reaching up to the sky.It was
    square shaped i was a teen,
    and thought nothing of it at the time.Looking back that was weird
    and i wish i had taken a picture.

    Stop by for a visit

    07/21/06 @ 19:25
    Comment from: wally [Visitor]

    like the nash house story ty :)

    07/22/06 @ 18:22
    Comment from: Admin [Member]  

    Thanks Wally and Michelle for your kind words! We appreciate them and I’ll be sure to stop by your blogs as well.


    07/24/06 @ 19:27
    Comment from: Brad [Visitor]

    Hello, I have gotten wind of this story. Read it even went over to the back of the mall myself. My Grand father’s brother lives a few houses away on townline rd. he has been there for 30 years I do have to ask him if he knows anything or anyone that lives around him.. he fixes lawnmowers and puts them by the side of the road. My girlfriends fried also rents 1410 a few years ago if i am not mistaken but If you would like to email me ill try to find out what I can. I also had some fottage from Ghost road about 3-4 yrs ago some of my friend and me went up there and we experienced some frightening phenomenon all of our cameras, flashlights and my cra stalled slowly surveying the road and the wooded area by the rock I dont know if my friend still has the tape or not. but from our account I havnt been back there since. other that happaned by thw wooded area he heard a low roaring sound and it got cold as heck.. that fog rolled in.. anyways uve heard it but thanks for now…

    10/25/06 @ 00:58
    Comment from: Admin [Member]  

    Thanks Brad … I’ll send you an email in regards.

    If you wish to speak directly to one of the witnesses, join in our discussion on the PSICAN Message Centre. The link is on the sidebar.

    One of the witnesses who lived in this house before it was demoed posts there.

    10/25/06 @ 13:04
    Comment from: jackie [Visitor]  

    holy crap>..that’s spooky…

    08/11/08 @ 18:24
    Comment from: Shane [Visitor]  


    I ran into this when looking for another haunted house in Oshawa. A very close friend to my family has mentioned of a house she use to live in on Rossland Rd. This house is still around and from what i’ve been told it’s basically up for sale every year. Since she last lived there she had some creepy stories about the house. I think she was pretty young at that time and mentioned tthat even her father admits to seeing and hearing things. He was a very big skeptic of ghosts before moving into this place. Have you guys heard of this and would you like me to ask for the address for research?
    What she mentioned to me was a lot of pranks the ghosts were doing while there. For example when her mother would turn off the stove and walk away, she would come back in the kitchen a few seconds later and see that all elements were on. One time when her mother was in her bedroom, the door shut on it’s own and she couldn’t open it. She panicked and screamed saying to let her out and the door opened. The father mentioned on a night that it just snowed a huge amount. The doorbell rang when he was going upstairs to sleep. He went to check to see who it was and nobody was there. When looking out there wasn’t a footprint to be seen in the snow.
    He figured it must have been a wiring issue so he headed back up stairs. When he got to his bed it rang again so he went back down to see and the same thing…nobody was there. When he went back up and almost in bed the doorbell rang a third time. He never went back down and the ringing stopped. These were just a few that I remember…I know they would have lots more or anyone else that has lived there i’m betting.

    Let me know

    11/03/08 @ 21:15
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Shane -> Thank you for sharing this! We would love to hear more. Can you pass along our info to your friend? Privacy is assured, and we can be contacted privately through submissions AT ontarioghosts.org

    11/04/08 @ 09:13
    Comment from: Erika [Visitor]  

    I read this story and felt chills up my spine. I recently moved away from this street. As I was moving out, my neighbour chose to tell me then and there that everyone that had ever moved into my house as a family, moved out because of a divorce. My situation ended the same. There was always a negative energy being in that area.

    When I was on my own with my daughter, weird things started happening. She would awake crying every morning at 2am. One night I felt like I had been kicked in the ribs - this just seconds before 2am when my daughter awoke crying in bed. At times my daughter would also comment on “the kids” playing on the driveway. There weren’t ever any kids there.

    I have a friend who is a psychic - who came by the house one day. He commented on the negative energy….said it had something to do with a murder. Not in the house per se, but on the land or in the area. Said I was connected to it via a past life. He also commented on the fact that there was a dog, and that it was the dog that found the victim.

    So coming across this story by chance, reading about the murder, the street and the dog…well…needless to say I’m glad I got out of that neighbourhood.

    05/21/10 @ 15:53
    Comment from: Haylee [Visitor]  

    I really have to say this scred me but i also loved it because i am so into the paranormal its not even funny, i really want to find places and go there see what i can record on camera or a recorder.

    11/04/10 @ 07:29
    Comment from: Annie [Visitor]  

    I have been looking into the murder suicide theory for that specific house and area and i haven’t come up with anything yet but i believe it exists. There is a possibility that the terrible events didnt even live in the house. Their spirits could be attached to something that was in that house or burried in the area. I have also thought of the possibility that maybe it happened way back in history before Oshawa even existed. They could have all been brutally murdered and the father forced to hang himself and then someone could have buried the bodies in the neighbourhood. The murderor however would have had to live with them and then tell th townspeople that the family decided they needed to move away. Back then there werent forensics and stuff to help solve cases and if there wasn’t enough evidence to follow it could have easily been overpassed because you could track people like you can now. Anyways just a thought.

    05/05/11 @ 22:11
    Comment from: Sue [Member]  

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Annie :)

    05/08/11 @ 09:38
    Comment from: Jane [Visitor]  

    I thought I should add something to this, since I am the one that sent in the original story. I have read Annies comment 3 or 4 times now, and it makes a lot of sense to me. One thing I had not added into the original story, but had let Sue know privately, was the day we went to view that house for rent, there were other couples viewing it who were interested as well. We were going to be notified within the week letting us know who was chosen to rent it. The night we went to view it, I had a very vivid dream, that I was in the house looking down the hallway where the 2 kids bedrooms would have been. I walked down the hallway to the bedroom on the right, that was to be my daughters bedroom. I should add that in my dream the house belonged to my older brother. In my dream when I went into Sandras bedroom I looked out the window into the back yard. All I could see were tombstones nothing else. Then I woke up. I had the exact same dream everynight. Then we got the phone call telling us we were the ones picked to rent the house. I was still having the same dream. That dream did not end until we were living there at least 2 weeks. I have not had the same one since, but it is still fresh in my memory. I saw it as a dream about death, and often wondered if whatever happened had been a number a of years ago, and I was having a premonition. I still have dreams that I live there, at least once or twice per week. In my dreams now, the house is older, and larger, and the room that was Sandras is in the basement. I go downstairs in my dream, but I never enter her bedroom, because I am afraid to. There was no basement in 1411 it was a bungalow, with a small one bedroom apt. upstairs, stairs were leading up there at the back of the house, it was private. I have not had the dream about the tombstones in back for many years now, but the one I have about the large old house has never changed or stopped. I was talking to my daughter tonight, because she was so young at the time, she has no memory of what the little girls were wearing. She does remember the dog that she saw though, and I had never seen it at all. She was telling me that she only had one dream about Nash Road in all the years since it had happened. She said that in her dream there were 3 apartment buildings. There was a grate outside of them, and the horse on springs that she used to bounce on in the hallway, saying “I hate my room over and over again” was on the grate bouncing by itself. I also believe she said that she saw a mist around the buildings. That is the only time she had ever had a dream about that house since we moved away from it. I am hoping, and I am sure one day, we will find out for sure what happened in that house, or area, because it seems that we are getting closer all the time. Just a little out of our reach.

    05/09/11 @ 01:04
    Comment from: Ry [Visitor]

    When i was 14, my ex GF lived a few houses up Nash St. We went into that house one time (It was abandoned), we didn’t stay long because we felt extremely uncomfortable, as if somebody was watching us. We left and never went back. I’m glad i finally have some closure on what happened that day.

    10/31/13 @ 09:16

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